Vintage Japanese Prison Porn

Vintage Japanese Prison Porn
Vintage Japanese Prison Porn

I love and laugh at this, though I’m fully cognizant of how few people will understand why I find this funny, or why in the world I titled it “Vintage Japanese Prison Porn.”

So, let me explicate…

Why Vintage Japanese Prison Porn

  • The art style is a fusion of Western Cartoon and Japanese Ukiyo-e, which also influenced Western art;
  • She’s obviously a high-ranking Yakuza, probably an oyabun, given her level of tattooing;
  • The origin of Yakuzas’ tattooing is from 17th-19th Centuries Japanese practice of irezumi kei (tattoo penalty), where criminals were tattooed as part of their punishment;
  • She’s tied up Shibari or Kinabku style – you pendants can argue about which term is right – which was derived from Hojōjutsu, a method of restraining, torturing, and displaying prisoners in feudal Japan.

So, there you have it – why my humor and snark was engaged by this image and why I’ve titled it here as “Vintage Japanese Prison Porn.” 😉

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But We Should Remember It

But We Should Remember It

We as Americans should remember that the colonists did have to register their muskets in every state except for the Quakers’ Pennsylvania. In many of the colonies every man between the ages of 16 – 60 had to prove to their State’s government that they were in But We Should Remember In possession of a suitable military long arm and its associated accoutrements under penalty of law. In others only the head of household was so required.

Yes, we should always remember that, in colonial times, we did not enjoy the freedom to keep arms. We operated under the duty and burden to do so. And, such duty and burden wasn’t for just any firearm. The citizenry of that time were legally mandated to be armed with military grade weaponry.

Then, some of us know this.

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Extra Day Of Black History

An Extra Day Of Black History

As it’s a Leap Year, here’s an extra day of Black History for you. After all, as most of us know, if Blacks aren’t over-represented in something other than crime and incarceration, they’re “under-represented.” 😉

But, all sarcasm aside, Black women in America have a history of beauty and desirability that stretches all the way to the very beginnings of the American colonies. It wasn’t until the mid-1600s – two generations after the founding of Jamestown – that this was decided to be a “problem.” Before then, sex and intermarriage between Whites and Blacks was accepted if not societally approved of. Indeed, before then, the child of a White man and a Black slave was even born free; centuries-old English law conferring the condition (status) of the father upon his children.

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Saturnalia Today

Saturnalia Today – Boxing Day

So, once again we have the opportunity to celebrate what is left of Saturnalia. By that I, of course, mean the Victorian affectation of Boxing Day, which is the last vestige of Rome’s mid-Winter festival. 😉

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Explaining Millennials

Explaining Millennials
Explaining Millennials

Explaining Millennials is easy. And, by this, I mean explaining their existence and commonness in America, not why they are like they are. The explanation is easy – Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill. 😆 I swear to Silenus, Strawberry Hill resulted in more Millennial births than anything else, though those damn wine coolers accounted for a lot of the later Millennials.

But, my fellow Gen Xers, lets not be too prideful. A damn lot of us are here due to: Andre’s Cold Duck, Mateus, and Lancers. 😉

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