The Agnorance Of Youth

The Agnorance Of Youth
The Agnorance Of Youth

This is nigh on perfect for these days. It showcases some of the specific agnorance – a portmanteau of ignorance and arrogance – of some Millennials and Gen-Zers. They really think that either they invented stuff or that it was invented after the time of Gen-Xers. The case in point be vinyl records, which a number them have “appropriated.”

Let’s, however, laugh at them and not get too hypocritically angry. After all, we did this too, as did our parents, and as did their parents… most likely all the way to the beginnings of civilization. 😉

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We Are Doomed

We Are Doomed
It Is Mete That We Are Doomed

It is mete that we are doomed. Our stupidity, seemingly growing worse generation by generation, both guarantees our extinction and makes it right and proper. Humanity, or what it has devolved into, deserves to end.

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Generational Outcomes

Generational Outcomes
Generational Outcomes Degenerate As Expected

Funny, delightfully sarcastic, but also very sadly and not unexpectedly true. The Western aphorism, “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” and the Chinese proverb, “Wealth does not last beyond three generations” exist for a reason. That reason being that they’ve been proven to be true.

And those of old enough to be part of the “Ass Whooping” Generation are somewhat to blame for what our grandchildren in this “Time Out” Generation have degenerated into, as are our children from the “You’re Grounded” Generation. Our parents raised us to succeed. We raised our children in that success. And they raised there’s to feel entitled by it.

And no, before anyone comments, there is no profundity in this on my part. It’s prosaic to the point of triteness. And yet, it needs to be repeated since every generation seems shocked by how badly our grandchildren turn out.

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Bitter Clingers In 2022

Bitter Clingers In 2022, Hanging On To COVID-19
Bitter Clingers In 2022

Remember when that jabbering Kenyan, Obama described half or more of Americans as bitterly clinging to our God and our guns? Well, that was then and this is now. And now, there’s a whole new breed of bitter clingers, ones who are truly deplorable in many, if not all, ways.

These days it’s the Left – specifically, the titularly White Millennials and Gen Zers – who are bitterly clinging to COVID-19 and the Democrat politicians resultant power grab and power trip.

They’re Clinging To Masks Like Safety Blankets

And boy, do they cling to their masks. Even with their own politicians reducing the requirement for mask wearing to suggestions in most places, the Leftists are still wearing them and still vilifying those who are “abiding by what the CDC and those politicians set forth.”

Those masks aren’t just virtual signalling anymore for those sorts. It’s now an identification badge and ingrained in their subculture.

But… As one can see above, that’s not all bad. There are times when one could just think of it as a kink and our new niqabis do look fine… well, what you can see of them. 😉

They’re Clinging To Their Homes Like Hikikomori

And, even more so than their masks, they’re clinging to their homes like Japan’s Hikikomori. They do not want to leave their domicile. They certainly don’t want to go to an office and work like most people used to, though that might have more to do with their sense of entitlement and confusion about capitalism and their places within it than anything else. Like Climate Change and Equity – previously termed Equality – the pandemic may for the majority of them just be another excuse for moving forward with their agenda.

But… I like my new businesswear, and I for damn sure think any and all of the dress shirts I bought for wear to the office look a lot better and serve a higher purpose now than they ever did then. 😆


So, in a case of irony gone wild, we have a whole new crop and version of bitter clingers in 2022, and they bear very little resemblance to the 100s of millions of Americans Obama previously declaimed as being such. But, at least we can be thankful that they do carry with them some varieties of secondary and/or tangential benefits for us all.

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Dems' 2022 Dating Woes

Dems' 2022 Dating Woes
Dems’ 2022 Dating Woes

The Dems’ 2022 dating woes just keep getting worse. And that’s got to be bad for them since they were already pretty much failing at sex. For them, Netflix and Chill just keeps getting more and more difficult and more fraught with more and more problems, and that’s if they can figure out who to have sex with. 😆

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