We Are Doomed

We Are Doomed
It Is Mete That We Are Doomed

It is mete that we are doomed. Our stupidity, seemingly growing worse generation by generation, both guarantees our extinction and makes it right and proper. Humanity, or what it has devolved into, deserves to end.

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Doom, Where For Art Thou?

Doom, Where For Art Thou?
Doom, Where For Art Thou?

Honestly! Doom, where for art though? Sweet Meteor of Global Extinction, why do you forsake us? I don’t care why. The simple fact that someone made and published pictures of a heads-on rat pelt g-string is enough to prove that this world needs to end.

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Extinction Event

Yep! Extinction Events aren’t always the catastrophes that we’ve been taught. Sometimes, they’re pretty and somewhat goofy-looking pink birds… of doom.

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Black Suicide

Black Male Suicide - Freedom comes from the barrel of a gunAs anyone with the ability to see what’s happening knows, the “Black Community” is plodding and shuffling down the preordained path to destruction. The end for them is already decided and there’s nothing that they can do about it, nor is there anything the rest of us could or should do about it. They sealed their fate decades ago in such a way as to make any intervention both impossible and unwarranted.

The “Black Community” is doomed to extinction and, while it might take as much as century for them to expire, expire they will.

The question that remains is will the last male of the “Black Community” standing, kneeling, or laying there be honest and admit that it was suicide, not murder or calamity that ended their culture.

  • Will he admit that they turned upon and preyed their own, finding any and all reasons, even unto the shade of their skins, to segregate themselves?
  • Will he admit they spent their wealth foolishly, preferring the outward trappings of luxury to any efforts at building a lasting financial security?
  • Will he admit that they destroyed their minds and bodies, as well as their finances, with drugs and alcohol?
  • Will he admit that they ate themselves to death, preferring foods that did far more harm to them than good?
  • Will he admit that they turned their backs on educating themselves and their progeny?

With none of his people left to care or be cared about, this last male of the “Black Community” might make such admissions but I doubt it. Most likely, he will stay strong and cleave to his theology, which says unto him that it is “Whitey’s” fault that he and his have gone the way of the dodo.

White bitch screaming, That's Racist!At this point, if they made it this far, the Liberals and Progressives, most of whom happen to be well-heeled, privileged, and White, are gnashing their teeth and screaming at their computers about how racist this article is. So too will some members of the “Black Community” but they, at least, will have some reason to do so since harsh truths and negative prognoses often drive people into denial and lashing out.

But, to what I hope but do not expect to be their chagrin, this isn’t my idea or really my words. What I have done here is to merely paraphrase the words of “The Last Black Man Standing” by Dr. Kamau Kambon, a racist blacktivist who has called for the extermination of all White people. That, by the Liberals’, Progressives’, and their minority tenants’ own rules, makes these statement impossible to be racist.

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Survival Skills

Truth be told, I’m a strong proponent of education. I’m just not a big fan of useless education or (mis)education, which is what America’s schools and, most especially, colleges seem to excel at.

The Extinct Thesaurus

Seems to me that our far too hallowed halls of “higher education” are churning out a bunch of evolutionary dead-ends that are largely lacking in basic modern survival skills.

And it’s not going to take a K-T extinction event to finish off these people either. “Edupogenic” climate change (ECC) will get them just as easily as they pursue lifestyle and career goals that are unsustainable in the modern economic climate.

Ah well, all we oh-so-loathed “no nothings” will, like the mammals of the Tertiary Period, still be here and will be, once again, ready to step in. 😉

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