Survival Skills

Truth be told, I’m a strong proponent of education. I’m just not a big fan of useless education or (mis)education, which is what America’s schools and, most especially, colleges seem to excel at.

The Extinct Thesaurus

Seems to me that our far too hallowed halls of “higher education” are churning out a bunch of evolutionary dead-ends that are largely lacking in basic modern survival skills.

And it’s not going to take a K-T extinction event to finish off these people either. “Edupogenic” climate change (ECC) will get them just as easily as they pursue lifestyle and career goals that are unsustainable in the modern economic climate.

Ah well, all we oh-so-loathed “no nothings” will, like the mammals of the Tertiary Period, still be here and will be, once again, ready to step in. šŸ˜‰

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