How Progress Works

How Progress Works
How Progress Works

Societies are a lot like species. Progress aka Evolution more often than not results in something weaker and more easily domesticated deriving from a stronger, more independent past when evolution was allowed to progress without the controls and guidance of Intelligent Design. 😉

What has been happening in the West vs. what has not been happening in the East are the perfect example and control group for this.

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Compensating Senses

Compensating Senses
Compensating Senses

Funny but true: people with no sense of humor compensate for that lack by developing a heightened sense of self-importance and outrage. Similarly, those with a lack of a sense of responsibility develop a heightened sense of entitlement. And those sorts with a lack of a sense of proportion develop a heightened sense of victimhood. 😉

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Extinction Event

Yep! Extinction Events aren’t always the catastrophes that we’ve been taught. Sometimes, they’re pretty and somewhat goofy-looking pink birds… of doom.

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From The Other Perspective


COVID-19 – From The Other Perspective
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People really need to check themselves and consider things like the various flus and this coronavirus pandemic from the other perspective, that of the viruses and bacteria.

They’re just trying to survive and propagate, people! What’s with all the speciesist hate? 😆

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Sadly Similar

When it comes right down to it, primate behavior is primate behavior. Only the specifics of the stimuli and responses change somewhat.

Well, here's strong evidence in favor of Darwin's theory of evolution
Sadly Similar In So Many Ways

The one sort of bright side to this, if you’re not a strict Creationist, is that the sad similarities between the Black rioters and looters in Ferguson and elsewhere and the average troop of angry or hungry monkeys is strong evidence in support of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

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