COVID Is Finally Over

It’s taken 4 long, brutal, soul-deadening years, but COVID is finally over. Oh, not the Coronavirus itself; we’ll be having mostly less lethal variants of that for however long Humanity lasts. But, what’s over is the Panicdemic, despite the occasional desperate and increasingly febrile jabberings of certain sorts.

A couple of months ago Biden’s CDC has ended it’s COVID-19 specific recommendations and guidelines, rolling COVID into the general Respiratory Illnesses Guidelines and relaxing their “guidance” on isolation, testing, and vaccine use. And, they did this because it was no longer politically viable for them to keep the panicdemic alive any longer.

COVID Is Finally Over

So, barring some last ditch, desperate attempt to change the voting metrics in the upcoming 2024 elections – somewhat unlikely, but certainly possible – the whole COVID crap is finally over. And, quite sadly, that means the Corona Cuties are pretty much over too, fading into history alongside the debacle that created them.

Ah well. With the start of the pandemic and its surrounding, manufactured panicdemic we had to take the good with the bad, and now with its ending we have to let go of the good along with bad.

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The Expected COVID Spike

The Democrats' Expected COVID Spike
The Democrats’ Expected COVID Spike

It’s a funny thing; I’m starting to hear a fair amount about COVID spike in America throughout social media, and a bit in the lamestream media as well. But, this is probably to be expected. With the Democrats’ poorly handled and persecutive lawfare against President Trump not having the effect that they want, a more and more damning evidence against Creepy Uncle Joe Biden coming to light, the Dems both need to distract the populace and lay the groundwork for lockdowns before the upcoming civil unrest.

Their trying to revitalize the largely moribund panicdemic, at least enough to “justify” later, more draconian actions without making it clear that they plan to use force to get their way this time, is to be expected. It follows the normal, well-trodden pathways of their sorts throughout history.

Or, maybe I’m wrong. Or, maybe I not wrong but I’m granting them to much credit for planning and foresight. I have stated that COVID 19 will be with us forever after all.

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The Experts Weren't Wrong

The Experts Weren't Wrong
The Experts Weren’t Wrong

While generally true in many ways, this is specifically true of experts when it came to the COVID-19 “vaccinations,” and possibly true of the politicians involved as well. And yes, that would include President Trump. They were never wrong; they were always lying about its efficacy and risks.

These experts knew that the COVID shots weren’t vaccines. That’s why Fauci’s CDC changed the definition of “vaccine” so quickly. They also had to know – they did some testing, I assume – that the shots would harm, and even kill, some number of recipients. So, from the start, they weren’t mistaken; they lied. Again, they lied.

However, there are two separate considerations that must be applied to these experts’ mendacity. Firstly, they were dealing with a global panicdemic. They had to do something to combat it, even if it was more placebo than preventative, and they had to do it quickly. Secondly, we do need to address what “safe” means when one is dealing with any drug and the law of large numbers. Approximately 5.56 billion people were given the COVID shots and the number of deaths that we can point to being caused by this are in the 1000s or tens of 1000s worldwide. That tops out at 0.018% or, within the statistical margin for error.

So, their lies were understandable. But, they were still lies. The experts knew that the people’s definitions of an effective preventative and what was safe greatly varied from their own and chose to, as self-proclaimed experts almost always do, apply their own definitions to terms and simply proclaim to us what is and what will be, irrespective of anything else.

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Where'd The Trust Go?

Where'd The Trust Go?
Where’d The Trust Go?

That’s a really good question. Where did all the Democrats, who declared that they trusted the science during the Pandemic, go now that it’s been proven that the “science” was far more science-fiction than actual science… well, aside from Sociology and Social Engineering?

Yeah, they seemed to have crawled back into the woodwork. Not, mind you, that they’d admit to any real wrong or mistake if confronted by and American. In those circumstance, they just claim it doesn’t matter and we were still wrong and evil… because we’re Americans, whom they decry as, at the very least, Right-Wing extremists.

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COVID-19 3 Years In

Well, at this point we’re three years into the COVID-19 pandemic, though the panicdemic has seemed to have passed… despite ongoing efforts from those who still strive to profit from it. Still though, that’s not all bad.

COVID-19 3 Years In

It’s been three years since they first enacted large scale lockdowns and mask mandates, supposedly short-term, drastic measures that devolved into long term, fundamental changes to our nation and the crippling of our economy. And, while those large scale quarantines and mask mandates have ended, smaller scale ones and industry-specific ones continue on to this day, mostly based upon regulations put forth by the CDC which require personnel in certain industries to change their behaviors on a weekly basis.

But hey! It also means that we can still safely enjoy the Corona QTs!

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