Where'd The Trust Go?

Where'd The Trust Go?
Where’d The Trust Go?

That’s a really good question. Where did all the Democrats, who declared that they trusted the science during the Pandemic, go now that it’s been proven that the “science” was far more science-fiction than actual science… well, aside from Sociology and Social Engineering?

Yeah, they seemed to have crawled back into the woodwork. Not, mind you, that they’d admit to any real wrong or mistake if confronted by and American. In those circumstance, they just claim it doesn’t matter and we were still wrong and evil… because we’re Americans, whom they decry as, at the very least, Right-Wing extremists.

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Oh No! The Tripledemic!

As you or may not have been told, we’re apparently in a Tripledemic. The powers that be and the sorts that profit off of fear, uncertainty, and doubt have tried – apparently with less than expected success – to make sure we all know and are horrified that we’re in the season of COVID-19, the Flu, and RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus).

Oh no! We’re doomed… or not. While these diseases are real, are infecting people, and are not something anyone should want to have more than one of at a time, the sought after panicdemic seems to be something we in America have developed herd immunity to. 😉

Oh No! The Tripledemic!

But hey! This does mean that our new Niqabis will still be with us, possibly in somewhat increased numbers. And, to my mind, that’s not all bad.

But RTO Is Buggered, Saving Our Investmentwear

And, even better for me and a lot of others, the continued, cyclical attempts at recreating the panicdemic have and probably will continue to bugger the RTO movement. Our investmentwear seems to be in a stable position where it will do the most good.

And Nurses May Finally Get Some Play

But, what I’m hoping for is that the combination of COVID-19, the Flu, RSV and the public’s lack of overwrought concern will lead to nurses finally getting the play that they deserve. It always seem wrong to me that, for the last few years, we’ve not stepped up and showed nurses that we love them.

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Forgotten COVID Deaths

Forgotten COVID Deaths
Forgotten COVID Deaths

Yeah really! We heard and, to a lesser extent, still hear how COVID-19 in all its myriad variants has killed so many men and women since it was released from China. But what about all the other genders the #Woke Liberals, Progressives, and other likely Democrat freaks, perverts, and mentally ill sorts tell us we’re surrounded by? How many of them succumbed to the Coronavirus?

You would think that, with how their sort so stridently proclaims both the existence of non-biologically based genders and how everything and anything about America is bigoted, transphobic, and inherently designed to disproportionately disadvantage the “non-binaries,” we’d be inundated with outraged complaints about how many non-Men and non-Women COVID-19 has killed.

What? Are coronaviruses transphobic?!? 😆

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The Pandemic Is Over!

Well, according to Creepy Uncle Joe, the pandemic is over. We should all mark the date – September 18, 2022.

The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing a lotta work on it. It’s– but the pandemic is over. if you notice, no one’s wearing masks. Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. And so I think it’s changing. And I think this is a perfect example of it.

— Joe “Bad Hands” Biden
60 Minutes interview Sunday

Or we could just not listen to him, which is what his own handlers and the Democrat party would prefer.

The Pandemic Is Over! … Or Not!

Yeah. I don’t know what Biden’s failing eyes and failed mind can process, but I’m still seeing a lot of people going around masked. And, a significant number of those who aren’t masked up have their masks pulled down around their necks so that they can cover on a moment’s – or cough’s – notice.

But, as you can clearly see and as I’ve said time and again, that’s not all bad. 😉

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Still Hot, Still Covered

Corona QTs – Still Hot, Still Covered In 2022

While it’s true that neither the politicians, the deep state appointees, nor their media outlets are talking that much about COVID-19 anymore, there’s still a lot of Corona QTs out there, and their still hot and still covered by the now ubiquitous masks. But then, I predicted this almost a year ago.

I wasn’t really joking when I posted about our new niqab. Democrats and their media outlets were so successful in spreading the panicdemic that masking is pretty normal now, with a large number of people – most of them I see in NYCrefusing to unmask even now that there’s no mandate.

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