COVID-19 3 Years In

Well, at this point we’re three years into the COVID-19 pandemic, though the panicdemic has seemed to have passed… despite ongoing efforts from those who still strive to profit from it. Still though, that’s not all bad.

COVID-19 3 Years In

It’s been three years since they first enacted large scale lockdowns and mask mandates, supposedly short-term, drastic measures that devolved into long term, fundamental changes to our nation and the crippling of our economy. And, while those large scale quarantines and mask mandates have ended, smaller scale ones and industry-specific ones continue on to this day, mostly based upon regulations put forth by the CDC which require personnel in certain industries to change their behaviors on a weekly basis.

But hey! It also means that we can still safely enjoy the Corona QTs!

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Creative Anti-Mask Protests

Creative Anti-Mask Protests
Creative Anti-Mask Protests

Some – a steadily growing, large minority, actually – people are more than fed up with government-mandated mask laws and they’re quite creative in the protests. 😉 And yeah, very little should get the point across to the would-be tyrants and their “virtuous” cadres better than a Xenomorph Facehugger mask.

Some Of These Peaceful Protests Are More Eye-Catching Than Others

Of course, others have taken a far more beautiful and eye-catching means of protesting mask mandates, much to the pleasure and titillation of right-thinking people across our great, if beleaguered nation.

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And so it restarts. Just as America is starting – by and large and with some leftist hold-outs – to get back to something resembling normalcy, the Lamestream Media starts shilling a second dose of panic, this time regarding COVID-19 variants/mutations A, B, and D.

So yeah! There are certain sorts out there that are bound and determined to make sure we all have Long COVID. And, it’s working for them. Not only are they profiting from keeping a baseline of FUD going, but plenty of people, even fully vaccinated people, are buying into it and saying that they’re not unmasking anytime in the foreseeable future and are, allowed to or not, avoiding crowd situations – including previously normal indoor dining in restaurants.

But, There Is A Bright Side To Long COVID

Long COVID? OK! It’s Not All Bad

As I’ve said before, the effects of the coronavirus and the “long haul” panic surrounding it have not had only negative impacts upon society as a whole. The restrictions and difficulties inflicted by the panicdemic did inspire a wave of innovation among some people and industries. And that, my friends, is both beautiful and what Western Civilization is founded upon!

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‘Tis An Ill Wind …

If it is an ill wind that blows nobody any good, then the coronavirus, COVID-19 is not an ill wind. It has blown us some good along with the bad. This pandemic has blown us some both Corona QTs and a reevaluation of the best and most proper use for businesswear.

Corona QTs

‘Tis An Ill Wind That Blows Nobody Any Good
And Corona QTs Are Good

It’s a simple truth; Corona QTs aka COVID QTs are good things and are also examples of the resilience and plasticity of Western Culture. These women showed the world that they can and have not only adapted but turned the pandemic into their own niche space.


‘Tis An Ill Wind That Blows Nobody Any Good
And Using Our Businesswear Right Is Good

And, the COVID-19 pandemic and insanely restrictive countermeasures enacted to “flatten the curve” also taught us how to best use what used to be our businesswear. The situation, bad as it is, has blown many of us the good of teaching us – re-teaching/reminding those of us who are older – that such clothing is an investment.


So, given the plethora of very, very fine evidence presented above, it’s safe to say that COVID-19 is far from an ill wind since it has blown many of us much good along with the horrifically bad, 😉

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What Was Good In 2020?

So, it’s New Year’s Day, the 1st morning of 2021. Seems a good time to look back on the dumpster fire that was 2020 and review what was good during this last year. So what was good in 2020?

The truth of the matter is that, with COVID-19 and the resulting devastating and largely ineffective “containment protocols,” and the “fair and legitimate” election of Joe Biden as POTUS, there wasn’t much at all that was good in 2020. The year mostly sucked.

But … there was some good in the ragged, shambling course of 2020! Specifically, I’m speaking fondly of the COVID QTs – those babes who’ve shown that sexy is still alive and well in the age of the ‘Rona.

What Was Good In 2020?

And, honestly, this isn’t just about sexy, beautiful babes rocking the whole masked thing. It’s also about the resilience and innovation shown by their doing so. And, it’s also about the creativity and “making lemonade” of the entire new “fashion mask” industry.

So yeah, there was some good in 2020 that we can enjoy looking back upon.

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