The Agnorance Of Youth

The Agnorance Of Youth
The Agnorance Of Youth

This is nigh on perfect for these days. It showcases some of the specific agnorance – a portmanteau of ignorance and arrogance – of some Millennials and Gen-Zers. They really think that either they invented stuff or that it was invented after the time of Gen-Xers. The case in point be vinyl records, which a number them have “appropriated.”

Let’s, however, laugh at them and not get too hypocritically angry. After all, we did this too, as did our parents, and as did their parents… most likely all the way to the beginnings of civilization. 😉

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Innovative Solutions

Americans Are Known For Our Innovative Solutions

One thing to love and respect about true-born and rightly-raised Americans is that we regularly think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to the problems and challenges placed before us, e.g., the exorbitant and punitive increase in fuel prices that Biden and the rest of the Democrats have inflicted upon us as a people.

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And so it restarts. Just as America is starting – by and large and with some leftist hold-outs – to get back to something resembling normalcy, the Lamestream Media starts shilling a second dose of panic, this time regarding COVID-19 variants/mutations A, B, and D.

So yeah! There are certain sorts out there that are bound and determined to make sure we all have Long COVID. And, it’s working for them. Not only are they profiting from keeping a baseline of FUD going, but plenty of people, even fully vaccinated people, are buying into it and saying that they’re not unmasking anytime in the foreseeable future and are, allowed to or not, avoiding crowd situations – including previously normal indoor dining in restaurants.

But, There Is A Bright Side To Long COVID

Long COVID? OK! It’s Not All Bad

As I’ve said before, the effects of the coronavirus and the “long haul” panic surrounding it have not had only negative impacts upon society as a whole. The restrictions and difficulties inflicted by the panicdemic did inspire a wave of innovation among some people and industries. And that, my friends, is both beautiful and what Western Civilization is founded upon!

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But Whose Truths?

Google modifies, tweaks, and just plain changes its search algorithm on a regular basis, most often to disrupt the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. Now, however, a Google research team is trying to change  the algorithm, to measure the “trustworthiness” of a page, rather than its reputation across the web.

The system – which is has not yet gone live – counts the number of “incorrect” facts within a page to determine its ranking in search results instead of its reputation or popularity, as measured by incoming links, across the web.

Google Cuff Censors
Google – The Internet’s Gatekeeper

This, of course, begs the questions of whose facts? Whose truths? Who will decide what is innacurate and, hence, to be downlisted and effectively censored by Google?

Google’s answers are that facts that the web unanimously agrees upon are considered to be a reasonable proxy for truth. Web pages that dissent from this consensus by containing contradictory information are to be bumped down the rankings, effectively censoring them by removing them from the bulk of the web’s users.

So, insofar as the internet’s greatest gatekeeper, Google is concerned, consensus reality will be the only reality. And, of course, Google will be the arbiter of that consensus.

I guess, if Google’s plan is allowed to be implemented, nobody will read where you wrote, “And yet it moves.

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Government Innovation

America’s domestic enemies, in their cult-like devotion to big government, often harp on the supposed benefits of government innovation. To be fair, there once was a solid basis for this belief. The government used to provide a great service in aiding new technologies, products, and services reach the People and makes their lives better or easier.

That was a long time ago, for the most part, though. The steady, entropic march of “Progress” has degenerated government innovation in the same manner that it has degenerated all functions of the government.

Government Innovation
Progress: Government Innovation

Really! Think about it. The last real innovation of merit by the government was the basic foundational underpinnings of the Internet. Even then, all they developed was the means to create a wide area network. The Internet, as we know it, grew out of the efforts of the private sector.

All the government innovates in these sad, modern times is new and creative ways to funnel Americans’ tax-dollars into the bank accounts of the politicians’ cronies and donors.

I would say that this is sad, but it isn’t really sad at all. It’s an indication that America needs little in the way of innovation in order to secure its borders, its people, and its interests.

This is because the vast majority of real government innovations are funded, researched, and developed by our Defense needs. Even the Internet was a DARPA project originally and even the heyday of NASA was a paroxysm of nationalism and fears of losing space to the Soviets.

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