Mematic Changes

Mematic Changes
Mematic Changes – They Happen

Hehehe – Mematic changes – they happen, whether you want them to or not. 😉 And no; NFTs aren’t going to help you. The Internet can and will twist, suborn, and corrupt your memes. Indeed, that’s Rule 13, and arguing against it runs afoul of Rule 15.

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I've Seen Things

I've Seen Things
I’ve Seen Things You People Wouldn’t Believe

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Get Off My Net!

Get Off My Net!
Get Off My Net!

Yep, them youngins whine about anything and everything, never understanding the pain we went through or appreciating the gifts we made and handed over their ungrateful asses. 😉

Yeah, that’s right! Back in my day even this image was decades away from being possible. We used 150 baud acoustic coupler modems with cradles for the headsets of our rotary phones. These days, they’ll never know the pain and, hence, will never appreciate anything.

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Total Meme Failure

Total Meme Failure
Hilarious Total Meme Failure

So, some raging, Leftist, radfem lesbians decided to create and post a “counter-meme” to an old(ish) traditional woman meme. Unfortunately for them but hilariously for me and many others, it was a total meme failure in that it sent the “wrong” message. 😆 I mean, all it said to me was that their sort understands and values the same, traditionally feminine women we American men do and have since our creation of this nation. 😉

And, in some ways, that’s the lesser failure of this meme. Since it was probably designed to offend straight men by showing a woman – and a “wifeable” one to boot – and a feminist in a sexual relationship, the possibly greater meme failure was their assumption that we would mind. 👿

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Solving Whites' Problems

Solving Whites' Problems Isn't That Hard

Talk Less, Fuck More
Solving Whites’ Problems Isn’t That Hard

This is probably the single most effective, but least used, means of solving the majority of White’s problems. Since the Internet and Social Media have both weaponized words and put weapons of mass destruction in the hands of everyone in the Civilized World, this is really just an extension of the 1960s iconic, antiwar slogan, “Make love, not war.

NOTE: This Is For Whites’ Problems

This advice is almost entirely Amerocentric and/or Eurocentric, though some minorities in the West, e.g., most Asian groups, could benefit from it as well, as could Asian countries like Japan, though for the purpose of addressing different problems. Other minorities in the West, especially inside America’s borders would see fewer benefits from talking less and fornicating more. The potential exception to that would be Black women, but only with a significant shift in priorities on their part.

But.. as Whites are the majority and dominant group in the West, and as our problems are almost hegemonic in how they spread to and impact the rest of the world, solving our problems would per force benefit everyone. 😉

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