Orthocegenation – It’s All Good, Gentlemen

Gentlemen – and for this purpose, by that I mean my fellow White men – it’s all good. There’s no such thing as miscegenation, not since we got rid of those Jim Crow laws. So, White Girl, Black Girls, Latina Girls, Desi Girls, and Asian Girls are all Orthocegenation for us – the exact, polar opposite of miscegenation. Yes, Gentlemen, in this context, diversity is to be enjoyed and encouraged.

And… If you’re just here for a bit of fun and enjoy and rainbow of beautiful women, this would be when you leave and go off to the next thing. Otherwise, read on for further, more serious discourse on orthocegenation and the reasons to engage in it.

Be White About It!

While this applies mostly to Black babes and, to a somewhat lesser extent, Latina babes, it’s true in all cases. Be White about it! Don’t add to the cultural problem of single motherhood among them. Raise and support your children by those women. This is essential, given the looming economic turmoil due to population collapse.

Spread The Privilege

OK, let’s face facts in vast, global, and historic evidence. Whether one wants to describe it as racism or not, White or Light is better. There vanishing few places on this planet – not even places where Whites are generally reviled – where Whiter features and/or lighter skin aren’t considered significantly better than others’. So, Gentlemen, spread that privilege and improve those future children’s lives. You might even save some of their lives.

And remember, if you’re White about these things, you’ll also be spreading the privilege of a more a more stable, normative, and affluent home life and upbringing in many cases.

Diversifying Whiteness

This is related to spreading the privilege but not quite the same as it. Committing to orthocegenation allows to diversify Whiteness by assimilating non-Whites into it. After all, most people agree that “race” is merely a social construct. Therefor we have the opportunity to literally change the face of Whiteness by siring and raising children who are not purely White in appearance but are White through upbringing.

Also, not only does this allow us to diversify our genetic portfolio, it’s the single best way to assimilate the complementary parts of the other cultures into the general norm of American society. Really! What better way is there to realize the dream of the American Melting pot?

Orthocegenation – It’s Pisses Off The Right Sorts

And finally, one of the shallow but no less real reasons for doing this is that doing, or even advocating it, pisses off the sorts of people in this country who should be pissed off by the rest of us.

Liberals And Black Males

Liberals and Black males can’t stand this idea. They claim that is genocide! Of course those same Liberals and Black women also claim that if you don’t partake of interracial sex, marriage, and reproduction, you’re racist. And those Black males? They’re busy “getting busy” with White women, though that doesn’t stop them from having some Black “baby mamas” on the side.

Old School Racists

Oh yeah, orthocegenation, if we’re White about it, would send the old school racists – a thankfully vanishing few – into apoplexy because they don’t believe that race is a social construct and do believe that White Supremacy is based upon our genetic superiority. Hence, they don’t see diversification of the Whiteness; they see it dilution. But, of course, their philosophical antecedents in history regularly “got busy” with non-Whites, especially the ones they owned.

So, it seems to me that pissing off both or either of these sorts is, at the very least, a bonus if not necessary enough of a reason on its own. 😉

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