Men’s Fantasy Woman

Men's Fantasy Woman
Men’s Fantasy Woman

I’ve made jokes before about how hard it is to find a woman who loves fishing – hint: it’s not that hard really – but she’s men’s fantasy woman, and one that will, with very, very rare exceptions in my experience, remain a fantasy. Finding a woman who will clean your catch is a lot like hunting unicorns. 😉

Truthfully, Gentlemen, she’s a pure fantasy woman. You’ve got about as much hope of finding a woman will clean the fish you bring home as King Pellinore had of catching the Questing Beast. 😆

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An Argument For Trans

Classic Cartoons - An Argument For Trans
An Argument For Trans

Well, there’s a salient argument for trans as dating options. 😆 There’s a lot better chance of casual clothes, sugary cereals or toaster pastries / waffles, and classic cartoons such as Thundercats with a transgurl – one they’re past their hyper-girlie phase – than with a woman.

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Post Halloween Morning


Post Halloween Morning Is Often Interesting
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Yeah, for those without a full-time sexual partner or partners – and a few of us with those – the morning after Halloween can be interesting… dare I say spooky scary? You just never really know who you’ll be having coffee with. 😉

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Hellishly Funny

Hellishly Funny... To Me At Least
Hellishly Funny… To Me At Least

Sorry, not sorry! That’s hellishly funny to me. 😉

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It’s A Trap!

It's A Trap!
It’s A Trap!

Admiral Akbar was wiser than even Lucas gave him credit for. 😆 Yeah, “She” looks like a fine, American woman, but the Bud Lite is dead giveaway. He’s got a surprise package waiting for some unsuspecting guy.

So, Gentlemen, be wary. There’s a lot of traps out there. Always check their beer choice first.

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