Hellishly Funny

Hellishly Funny... To Me At Least
Hellishly Funny… To Me At Least

Sorry, not sorry! That’s hellishly funny to me. 😉

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Behind Closed Doors

In America our constitution enumerates our explicit right to freedom of religion, yet there are many Atheists who are striving – more and more successfully with the rise of their co-conspirators, the Liberals and Progressives – to redefine this constitutional right as being merely the right of freedom of worship. Their goal is nothing less than the total abolishment of anything religious from any public space or activity.

Nor do these enemies of America have any restraint in their attacks. More often than not their chosen targets are American children. They know that children are vulnerable and that, if they can terrorize them early enough and often enough, they can silence them forever.

As one recent example among a multitude, a Marion, NC elementary school decided to unconstitutionally censor a 1st-grader’s poem commemorating her grandfathers’ military service that was supposed to be recited at a Veteran’s Day ceremony last month because a single, Godless “parent” was offended that there was a reference to God in it. This was the stanza that so offended the worthless, Godless whiner:

He prayed to God for peace, he prayed to God for strength.

That the stanza was in no way an endorsement of the Christian God or an exhortation to worship in any form was of no importance to the offended Atheist. This piece of filth didn’t want the word God mentioned anywhere in the program.

If Americans don’t want to end up huddled shamefully behind closed doors to worship, knowing that whenever we leave the sanctuary of hallowed ground we must leave all expressions of our faith behind, we need to rise up and do something to put an end to the Atheists’ threat to one of the very foundations of our country.

There are steps that we, as a people, must take:

  1. Get out and vote! If we can maintain a majority in all levels of government, but especially the local levels, we will be largely safe from the attacks of the Godless.
  2. Get involved in your local school and school board. Make sure we have the vocal numbers to quell any attempt by the Godless to effect their agenda in those most vulnerably venues.
  3. Rebuild and reform your communities. Build neighborhoods like we once had where right-thinking people gathered in fellowship and where undesirable and disruptive influences were shunned and/or driven off.
  4. Be ready and willing to use whatever level and manner of force is necessary if and when our enemies find a way to circumvent the other and much preferred methods of defending our nation’s principles.

It’s up to each of us, both singly and as a people, to do what needs to be done to win this war for our nation and children’s future. If we do nothing or do less than enough we or our children will end up worshiping behind doors, always afraid of the price of doing even that.

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God Bless America

County by County, this fairly well sums up the results of the 2012 elections. It also shows by omission those counties who voted in favor of views, rhetoric, and policies that are diametrically opposed to- and antithetical to American values and culture.

True America - May The Gods Bless Her and Her people
May The God(s) Bless Her And Her People

I do fervently hope that the God(s) will bless, protect, and lend strength of heart and arm to America and her true and right sons and daughters who have struggled, and are still struggling, to keep her pure, recognizable, and worthy of Divine favor. I do not, however, ask for our domestic enemies to be smote. That’s our job, for we are our God(s) hands.

The Liberals and Progressives, and the “Black Community” who sharecrop for them will be offended by this image. Of this there is no doubt whatsoever. They’re deeply and viscerally offended by most everything that an American says or does.

It’s a bit odd, though. Not only do the Liberals and Progressives pride themselves on wanting to fundamentally change our nation and make it into something unrecognizable, but they would never belief in nor accept a God’s blessing. Indeed, the entirety of phrase, “God bless America” deeply offends them. Yet they will be offended by the image in this post.

And the “Black Community?” They’ve always claimed that they weren’t Americans, clinging bitterly to their ideas of the Two Americas, Black America and White America. They’ve no room to be offended on that score. Nor do have room to be offended by a God’s blessing upon America since they do not worship the same God as the majority of Americans. Yet they will be offended by this post because being offended is part of their core doctrine and dogma.


NOTE: What the map in the image doesn’t show is either population density of the counties or by what margin they voted against Leftist policies, class warfare, and an allegedly benevolent despotism.

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Godless Anti-Semites

Godless anti-Semites is one of the most apt descriptions of the Liberals and Progressives, especially their representatives in the Democratic Party, and even more especially their delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

In one pernicious sweep they removed all reference to God from their party’s 2012 platform and removed any language showing stating that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Both of these horrid things are radical and evil departures from the Dems’ 2008 platform which cite people’s God-given potential and acknowledged that Jerusalem was and always will be the capital of the Jews’ homeland.

And to truly show the world that the Democrat’s leadership hates God and the Jews, when Obama, realizing the 2012 platform would hurt him politically, tried to get the language reinstated, chaos ensued as the delegates rebelled against it.

Obama, who is mentioned by name over 200 times in the 32-page document, even personally intervened in the situation – kudos to him irrespective of his reasons – but couldn’t get the job done. The convention chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, had to do it through what amounted to executive fiat.

These creatures are devoid of even the least vestige of shame. Most people, if they have particularly vile beliefs that are frowned upon by the majority of society, make some effort to hide them from the public. The Democrats’ delegates flaunt them instead!

Yes, they’re godless anti-Semites and, if we’ve learned anything from history, we’ve learned that those sorts must never be allowed to hold any position of authority. Remember that in November!

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A God Of Wood Or Stone

Dr. John Owen - 17th Century Puritan TheologianTwo closely linked flaws in Man’s character causes us, time and time again, great harm as we seek to apprehend the nature of the God(s) and Divine Will, these being our Vanity and our Hubris.

In giving in to these two faults so many raise themselves up above their rightful station in the order of all things and claim that they know the nature and will of the God(s).

This, as the 17th Century Puritan theologian, Dr. John Owen pointed out, is merely the making of a God or Gods out of our own limited thoughts as if one was carving one out wood or stone.

For the being of God; we are so far from a knowledge of it, so as to be able to instruct one another therein by words and expressions of it, as that to frame any conceptions in our mind, with such species and impressions of things as we receive the knowledge of all other things by, is to make an idol to ourselves, and so to worship a god of our own making, and not the God that made us. We may as well and as lawfully hew him out of wood or stone as form him a being in our minds, suited to our apprehensions. The utmost of the best of our thoughts of the being of God is, that we can have no thoughts of it. Our knowledge of a being is but low when it mounts no higher but only to know that we know it not.

— Dr. John Owen (1616-1683),
The Mortification of Sin

Better by far, I think, that Man cultivate a certain agnosticism born of proper humility and knowledge of our mean nature. Such a path, if followed with diligence and scrupulousness, seems to me far more likely to bring a man, and perhaps Man et al, to a higher estate both in this life and at the time of its unavoidable ending and judgment, than more certain and Prideful religious enterprises.

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