The Race Is Heating Up

The race for the White House is heating up and not in a good way. The filthy animals who support Hillary Clinton just firebombed the North Carolina Republican Party headquarters in Hillsborough, NC.

Firebombing of GP HQ in NC
Dems’ Firebombing Of NC GOP HQ

Hillsborough, NC police reported individuals threw a bottle of flammable liquid through the window of Orange County’s GOP headquarters, setting campaign signs, supplies, and furniture ablaze before finally burning itself out after rendering the building unusable.

Get out or burn to death!Democrat Terror Threat

The terrorists also spray painted a swastika and the threat, “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else” on the side of an adjacent building, turning a heinous but simple act of petulance and vandalism into a credible threat of terrorist attacks against Republicans and presumed Republicans aka Whites in the area.

Unsurprisingly, there has been no comment on the attack by Obama or anyone else in the White House and, while the ATF is working with local police to investigate it, there is no indication that the Obama Regime will class it as a terrorist act.

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Silence Is Golden

Sometimes silence is golden; Duke University’s decision to retract permission for the Muslims, who make up a little less than 5% of Duke’s 15,000 students, use of the university’s Methodist chapel’s bell-tower to broadcast and amplify their adhān – call to prayer – is one of those times when silence is indeed golden.

Duke University Methodist Chapel
Duke University’s Methodist Chapel

A sane person would think that Duke University’s long-standing tolerance of allowing Muslims to use rooms inside their Christian chapel for prayer services would be enough pluralism, especially since Duke is and has always been a private, Methodist University. This is, of course in these degenerate times, not the case. Liberals and Progressives have shown their allegiance and rally with the ever-outraged Muslims to protest not being allowed to broadcast their adhān far and wide.

It’s ironic – or, it would be if these Leftists didn’t do this with such regularity – that these same Liberals and Progressives who are claiming this is religious bigotry are the ones who like to rant, rail, protest, and wage lawfare against any public or pseudo-public displays of the Christians’ faith. Even more so, is the absence of any protests by the Atheists such as the Freedom From Religion Foundation against the Muslims’ adhān being broadcast from church’s bell-tower.

This is hypocrisy at it’s “finest” since such a broadcast would inflict portions of Islam on far more people and in a far, far, far more intrusive and unavoidable manner than just about anything Christianity or other faiths have ever sought to do in the modern age.

As someone who lived and worked in MENA for years, I can and do tell you that nothing says the you’re in the Caliphate like hearing the adhān being screeched and wailed.

Yes, sometimes silence is golden and silencing the adhān is worth a imam’s weight in gold. Silencing those inside America’s borders who side with Muslims in this is, or would be, priceless. 😉

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Behind Closed Doors

In America our constitution enumerates our explicit right to freedom of religion, yet there are many Atheists who are striving – more and more successfully with the rise of their co-conspirators, the Liberals and Progressives – to redefine this constitutional right as being merely the right of freedom of worship. Their goal is nothing less than the total abolishment of anything religious from any public space or activity.

Nor do these enemies of America have any restraint in their attacks. More often than not their chosen targets are American children. They know that children are vulnerable and that, if they can terrorize them early enough and often enough, they can silence them forever.

As one recent example among a multitude, a Marion, NC elementary school decided to unconstitutionally censor a 1st-grader’s poem commemorating her grandfathers’ military service that was supposed to be recited at a Veteran’s Day ceremony last month because a single, Godless “parent” was offended that there was a reference to God in it. This was the stanza that so offended the worthless, Godless whiner:

He prayed to God for peace, he prayed to God for strength.

That the stanza was in no way an endorsement of the Christian God or an exhortation to worship in any form was of no importance to the offended Atheist. This piece of filth didn’t want the word God mentioned anywhere in the program.

If Americans don’t want to end up huddled shamefully behind closed doors to worship, knowing that whenever we leave the sanctuary of hallowed ground we must leave all expressions of our faith behind, we need to rise up and do something to put an end to the Atheists’ threat to one of the very foundations of our country.

There are steps that we, as a people, must take:

  1. Get out and vote! If we can maintain a majority in all levels of government, but especially the local levels, we will be largely safe from the attacks of the Godless.
  2. Get involved in your local school and school board. Make sure we have the vocal numbers to quell any attempt by the Godless to effect their agenda in those most vulnerably venues.
  3. Rebuild and reform your communities. Build neighborhoods like we once had where right-thinking people gathered in fellowship and where undesirable and disruptive influences were shunned and/or driven off.
  4. Be ready and willing to use whatever level and manner of force is necessary if and when our enemies find a way to circumvent the other and much preferred methods of defending our nation’s principles.

It’s up to each of us, both singly and as a people, to do what needs to be done to win this war for our nation and children’s future. If we do nothing or do less than enough we or our children will end up worshiping behind doors, always afraid of the price of doing even that.

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8 Bells For The Bounty

I don’t really suppose that many people will care greatly about this but the replica of the H.M.S. Bounty has by this point been lost at sea approximately 90 miles southeast of Hatteras Cape Hatteras, NC to hurricane Sandy.

H.M.S. Bounty
H.M.S. Bounty

Her 17 man crew had to abandon ship earlier this morning because her engines had failed, the storm was too bad to raise sail, and she was taking on water faster than her pumps could cope with.

God bless this frail ship of mine,
tho’ tiny it may be;
God bless its youthful skipper,
and those who sail with me;
Grant thy grace to all the stalwart lads
who bravely man its deck;
Come sail with us O Blessed One,
and each of us protect;
We’ll sail upon the northern breeze
to roam in search of glory;
It has been and always will be,
fate will set my life story;
So when you take this sailor, Lord,
forever from the sea;
I’ll sail my ship through Heaven’s gate,
for a sailor I’ll always be.

— Wayne E. Walters

In 1961 she was built in the traditional manner to the original Bounty’s specifications from drawings from British admiralty archive files at the Smith and Ruhland Shipyard shipyard – who also built the Blue Nose – in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia for MGM’s 1962 Mutiny on the Bounty. Since then she has plied both the seas and film.

32 Down On The Robert McKensie, Featuring the HMS Bounty

And so the Graveyard of the Atlantic will claim another toll, as is its due, and another of the few tall, gallant ladies of the sea left to us in these days shall hear the tolling of eight bells as her watch is ended forever.


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2012 DNC Group Photo

The 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC isn’t until September 3, 2012 but the Democrats have decided to put together their memorabilia early, including this group photo.

2012 DNC Group Photo
2012 DNC Group Photo, Charlotte, NC

As it turns out, along with budget issues caused by Obama’s campaign spending, the increasing torrent of major Democrat party members choosing not to be seen at the 2012 DNC necessitated taking the group photo early.

The choice of a black-and-white photo wasn’t driven by cost issues however. It was chosen as a symbolic image for the racial politics and racial divisions and distrust that the Democrats hope will spur Obama to victory again.

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