Tread If You Dare

Tread If You Dare
Tread If You Dare

There comes a point when you just have to accept things and let personal responsibility rule the day. Past certain tipping points it’s no longer useful to keep saying, “Don’t Tread On Me!” You just have to accept that some people won’t heed such warning and that you and yours must be the consequence the of their action.

Do I think we’re at that point? No, not in an overall sense. We’re likely at or past it in certain more localized contexts though, and it’s also possible – not likely, but possible – that a few well-placed object lessons on the consequences a “misstep” will engender might save lives in the long run.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down. 😉

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  1. Buffet Says:

    Excellent advice as always.

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