The Lies Of Extremists

When it comes to intersection of the Church and the State in US Law we’re saddled with a lot of religious extremism and a lot of lies and/or misconceptions based upon that extremism.

Church& State Separation Lie
The Lies Of Extremists

Yes, we Americans have to sift through a lot of lies and/or misconceptions based upon religious extremism. The Godless and their plethora of anti-Christian, anti-American Liberal and Progressive enablers spew them incessantly whenever ant mention of religion functioning outside the confines of a church arises.

Put aside the false equivalency that is almost always presented – the image above is merely a tame, washed out example thereof – because reality cannot match and make true the comparison between any group in American history and the Muslims’ Taliban. Not even the much maligned KKK came close to the Taliban’s behavior. No, put that aside for now and pay attention to the underlying dogma of America’s domestic enemies.

The lie that the Godless and their Liberal and Progressives enablers promulgate is that any expression of religious belief and law that is informed by religious sentiment, belief, or morality is inherently theocratic, repressive, and tyrannical in natural. Hence, any such expression is the same as what the Taliban do. Their dogma and doctrine makes no distinct of degree; it’s a dualistic approach and it is a lie.

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Ungodly Stupidity

The Atheists want to trash religion.  I say we exterminate the these vermin and trash atheism.Their is a growing trend of Atheist groups intent on evangelizing their non-belief to the majority of Americans in an effort to wipe any mention of the God(s) from our nation.

The latest example of these Godless filth’s attack up religion, came last week when the vermin of the The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) attacked Clemson University because the head coach of their football team does hide or silence his Christian faith.

That’s right; these subhumans of The Freedom From Religion Foundation have lodged a letter of complaint to Clemson, charging that coach Dabo Swinney and his staff with “unconstitutional behavior” at the public university.

One of Swinney’s offenses is the use of his favorite motivational saying: “Run your race to win, don’t just run the race.” Nevermind that it could have come from a Dale Carnegie book or a Steven Covey seminar: the phrase is from 1 Corinthians 9:24-25, so clearly Swinney is engaged in the establishment of a state religion here. Can’t you see it?

The paper terrorists of the FFFRF are demanding that the school to direct Coach Swinney to immediately stop team prayers, sermons, Bible studies and “church days” for players, indoctrinate staff in the FFRF’s corruption of their First Amendment obligations, and monitor their compliance.

On the bright side, Clemson’s administration seems to be doing the right, Godly, and American thing by largely ignoring the demands of these Godless freaks who, quite frankly, have no standing to complain about anything that their betters do.

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Duck And Cover!

I bet you never knew that “Merry Christmas” was a battle cry and a verbal threat that strikes fear into what passes for the hearts of Liberals and Progressives. It is though these days.

"Merry Christmas" the battle cry
Duck And Cover, Class! It’s An American!

The Liberals and Progressives have allied themselves with- and filled their ranks with the Godless. And in recent years have been waging a war on Christmas and on Christianity in general, the normative religion of Americans and the one, singular religion that they fear and hate more than any other. And nowhere’s is their war more stringently and virulently prosecuted than in America’s schools.

Conversely, they’ll teach Muslim holidays along with the occasional Hindu one and they don’t, as of yet, even understand the Pagan ones, so this is a problem for the Christians to correct.

So, if your child does say, “Merry Christmas,” he or she will be treated as someone who is threatening their class. And, in the minds of the Godless Left, they are doing so.

I Said Christmas
There Are Many Levels Of Martyrdom

So, whether your child chooses to make a declarative stand for religious freedom or they just innocently express their joy of the season, you can expect them to be martyred for it.

And the Gods forbid that they hand out Christmas cards or wear any form of Christmas themed clothing…

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Godless Terrorism

This is what it should look likeAs each and every right-thinking, Gods-fearing American knows, our country is infested with the Godless. This, in and of itself, is not a huge problem. The problem is that they’re allowed to engage in acts of paper terrorism and lawfare in their war against America and the normative role of religion in American society.

The East Point Academy, a very small charter school in West Columbia, SC, has been forced to cancel it annual Christmas toy drive for disadvantaged children due to threat of paper terrorism from viciously and vehemently anti-Religious, Atheist organization.

They were delivered this ultimatum by these Godless terrorists:

This letter is written on behalf of the parent of a child attending East Point Academy who has alerted us to a serious constitutional violation occurring at the school. For the third year in a row, East Point Academy has affiliated itself with an evangelical Christian organization, “Samaritan’s Purse,” by promoting student participation in their program, “Operation Christmas Child.” Because the purpose and effect of Operation Christmas Child is to induce impoverished children to convert to Christianity, the school’s promotion of this program violates the Constitution. The school must immediately suspend its unconstitutional participation in Operation Christmas Child.

— Monica Miller, Esq.
William Burgess, Esq.
American Humanist Association

Sadly, the South Carolina cell of the mendaciously named American Humanist Association (AHA) picked their victim well. The school capitulated to their demands because they couldn’t afford to defend themselves and their students from the AHA’s attack.

We have a very small budget and very small legal budget. We felt that we could not risk using our school funding for classrooms and teachers to fight a court case.

— Principal Renee Mathews

Then, this is how terrorists act. They always seek to attack “soft targets” who cannot be reasonably expected to be able to defend themselves. Thus, with each easy victim that surrenders or is destroyed, the reach of their terror spreads, making it that much more likely that future victims will appease them.

And none of this is hyperbole. These filth from the AHA are terrorists. That they are not overtly and classically violent is a meaningless distinction. They seek to achieve their radical agenda through the use of force, in this case misusing the legal system, and that is terrorism. Indeed, one could argue that paper terrorism and lawfare are worse and more destructive than bombs.

What needs to happen is for we, the People to treat these Godless filth as the terrorists that they are. We need to realize that, not only will the law not deal with them, it will actually support them and we need to start acting accordingly to defend ourselves and eliminate the threat.

We need to adjust the balance of terror by and all means at our disposal and with the full understanding that there is no legal recourse. In this matter patriotism and morality must trump blind obedience to laws written to protect our enemies.


I will remind each and every American that warfare trumps lawfare; attorneys who take cases against Americans’ rights are valid targets; and that neither legal briefs nor judge’s robes will stop a well-aimed bullet.

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Behind Closed Doors

In America our constitution enumerates our explicit right to freedom of religion, yet there are many Atheists who are striving – more and more successfully with the rise of their co-conspirators, the Liberals and Progressives – to redefine this constitutional right as being merely the right of freedom of worship. Their goal is nothing less than the total abolishment of anything religious from any public space or activity.

Nor do these enemies of America have any restraint in their attacks. More often than not their chosen targets are American children. They know that children are vulnerable and that, if they can terrorize them early enough and often enough, they can silence them forever.

As one recent example among a multitude, a Marion, NC elementary school decided to unconstitutionally censor a 1st-grader’s poem commemorating her grandfathers’ military service that was supposed to be recited at a Veteran’s Day ceremony last month because a single, Godless “parent” was offended that there was a reference to God in it. This was the stanza that so offended the worthless, Godless whiner:

He prayed to God for peace, he prayed to God for strength.

That the stanza was in no way an endorsement of the Christian God or an exhortation to worship in any form was of no importance to the offended Atheist. This piece of filth didn’t want the word God mentioned anywhere in the program.

If Americans don’t want to end up huddled shamefully behind closed doors to worship, knowing that whenever we leave the sanctuary of hallowed ground we must leave all expressions of our faith behind, we need to rise up and do something to put an end to the Atheists’ threat to one of the very foundations of our country.

There are steps that we, as a people, must take:

  1. Get out and vote! If we can maintain a majority in all levels of government, but especially the local levels, we will be largely safe from the attacks of the Godless.
  2. Get involved in your local school and school board. Make sure we have the vocal numbers to quell any attempt by the Godless to effect their agenda in those most vulnerably venues.
  3. Rebuild and reform your communities. Build neighborhoods like we once had where right-thinking people gathered in fellowship and where undesirable and disruptive influences were shunned and/or driven off.
  4. Be ready and willing to use whatever level and manner of force is necessary if and when our enemies find a way to circumvent the other and much preferred methods of defending our nation’s principles.

It’s up to each of us, both singly and as a people, to do what needs to be done to win this war for our nation and children’s future. If we do nothing or do less than enough we or our children will end up worshiping behind doors, always afraid of the price of doing even that.

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