Dems’ Forgiveness

Dems' Forgiveness Is Limited
Dems’ Forgiveness Is Limited

Mike Row, as is often the case, has made a very good point. Biden and the Democrats desires to forgive loans is quite limited. They’re eager to forgive student loans for college, but would never offer, much less forgive, a loan or lease for a work truck… or even a VA mortgage.

My addition of “offer” was necessary. Biden and Co. can’t forgive non-government-issued loans. Hence, Mr. Rowe’s comment, while sensical, was not 100% accurate.

Then, why would they forgive anything but student loans? A college education means 4+ years of indoctrination into Democrat groupthink. It just makes perfect political and ideological sense for them to subsidize it and only it at the expense of the American people.

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Just Another College Student

Just Another College Student
Just Another College Student

Sadly, this isn’t newsworthy any longer. It’s just another college student on a campus – this particular one happens to at NYU in Manhattan – openly calling for the death of Jews. It’s not even particularly unusual or brazen for it be waving a sign indicating that Jews are trash to be disposed of. This is the current normal.

Understand that almost 2/3rds of college students believe that Hamas’ Oct 7th attack was genocidal, but just over half of them believe that it was justified. But, of course, just over half of college students are adamant that Israel is committing genocide and that there can be no justification for it.

This is what the colleges and universities, all committed to Leftist ideologies, have wrought. This is what they endorse. This is damn close to being what they demand, given how they attack any other position.

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The Good And The Bad

The Good And The Bad
The Good And The Bad

As with most things, the SCOTUS’ recent decision that using race as a criteria for college enrollment is unconstitutional has its good and its related though largely irrelevant bad.

The Good

Almost everyone would agree that race should not be a criterion for anything. Well, they would if the race wasn’t Black. But, of course, the entirety of the Left and the “Black Community” does want race to be a criterion… if the race is Black and they get comparatively lowered admission standards. They unashamedly admit that the Blacks can’t meet normative admission standards.

But then, that is the entire premise of Equity! Hence, it’s good that this has been, at least insofar, as college admissions are concerned, finally eradicated by the SCOTUS.

The Bad

The Left and their Black sharecroppers have been ranting how Legacies still get preferential admissions and, while its irrelevant and nothing but a subnormal straw man, they are right in their assertion that Legacies are bad. They suck. They are based upon nothing resembling merit or ability. But they’re also not something that law or the courts can correct for.

Hellfire! I’d like to an end to athletic scholarships too. But that would really set off the Blacks.

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College And Our Youth

College And Our Youth
College And Our Youth

College today is – so far, mostly metaphorically – a concerted effort by our nation’s domestic enemies to kill off American youth in order to replace them and every facet of our culture with their deranged and destructive ideology.

Honestly, because of our weakness and apathy, the colleges within America’s borders have turned into cesspits of Anti-White, Ant-Hetero, and Anti-Normalcy. And, each school year they seem to degenerate further into madness and Anti-Americanism. We’re at the point when and where we, the People either need to find alternative for our youth or purge these colleges of their undesirable elements and curricula.

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Life Choices Matter

Life Choices Matter
Your Life Choices Matter

Your life choices matter, and the first major life choice people make largely for themselves is the choice between going to college or entering the workforce. It’s the choice than will financially decide their future more often than not. And, frankly, a lot of young people have been indoctrinated into making that choice without any real thought.

4-Year Degree vs. Skilled Trades

OK, to start with, this chart seems off to me in its details, though the premise is sound. The average debt accrued for a baccalaureate is $32,000 – $59,000, not $90,000. I also, if we’re going for numbers which are both more conservative and, IMHO, much closely matching “Blue Collar” salaries across the US, I’d set the starting salaries in the $12 – $18/hour range.

As I said though, the premise is still sound. Having earned $117,060 – $150,500 over 4 years is a lot better than having earned nothing and having accrued $32,000 – $59,000 that you will, presumably, have to repay at some point. The tradesman, after 4 years is $149,060 – $209,500 ahead of the college graduate in total earnings and on his or her to establishing a life.

And, BTW, that college graduate most likely won’t catch up anytime soon. The average salary for someone with a 4-year degree is $69,368 compared to the tradesman’s $64,770, but for an average of 20 years that graduate will be loosing on average $2,880/year in loan payments, bringing his or her effective income to $66,490, a meager $1720 more than the tradesman. That means it will take well over 50 years before the graduate “catches up” to the total earnings of the tradesman. This is literally more than the span of time – 40 – 50 years – most Americans work.

And remember, these numbers and predictions are based upon my believed-to-be-corrected and lowered numbers. If the chart is closer to being correct than I am, for either debt accrued or salaries, it’s even worse for the college graduate, who could be almost $315,000 in total earnings behind the tradesman.


Honestly, people need to make informed life choices instead of blindly following the government’s propaganda that has pushed getting a college degree as the primary and preferred, if not only, means of being successful since at least as far back as the early 1960s.

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