Dems’ Forgiveness

Dems' Forgiveness Is Limited
Dems’ Forgiveness Is Limited

Mike Row, as is often the case, has made a very good point. Biden and the Democrats desires to forgive loans is quite limited. They’re eager to forgive student loans for college, but would never offer, much less forgive, a loan or lease for a work truck… or even a VA mortgage.

My addition of “offer” was necessary. Biden and Co. can’t forgive non-government-issued loans. Hence, Mr. Rowe’s comment, while sensical, was not 100% accurate.

Then, why would they forgive anything but student loans? A college education means 4+ years of indoctrination into Democrat groupthink. It just makes perfect political and ideological sense for them to subsidize it and only it at the expense of the American people.

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Blue-Collar Men's Healthcare

Blue-Collar Men's Healthcare
Blue-Collar Men’s Healthcare

Seems about right. And yes; I know a lot of you these days won’t get it because you’re both not and have never really known a blue-collar man.

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