Where’s Kamala?

Where's Kamala?
Where’s Kamala?

Where’s Kamala Harris? Well, not at the US-Mexico border, but then, neither is Biden. But, Kamala Harris is also not at the President’s Daily Briefings (PDBs). She’s attended only 69 of the 276 PDBs since Biden’s installation as POTUS, almost half of them in the 1st 3 months of the administration. Strange for Vice President who was included in such meetings because the Vice Presidency was “supposed” to be her training for taking over the Presidency.

Normally, this would even begin to be an issue. VPs don’t even normally attend the PDBs. But Biden handlers made sure that he made a point of having her attend and saying that she was ready to lead on day one. Indeed, they seemed to go to great lengths to present Biden and Harris – or was it Harris and Biden – as something akin to Co-Presidents rather than the chief and subordinate. That being the case, it is a problem that she’s not being briefed and seemingly doesn’t want to be.

And, when one considers that Biden has repeatedly referred to Harris as first the President-Elect, then the President, and has “stumbled” and said that she’d be POTUS soon, the situation becomes even more disturbing. This is, after all, exactly what President Trump warned the world about and what Americans fear. Her not being ready to replace the aged and mentally infirm Biden just makes that fear more visceral.

Of course, this is Biden we’re talking about, the man who is the past master of gaffes and who can’t string many consecutive sentences together in a functional manner. So, things may not be as they seem. Then again, that is exactly why things might be exactly as they seem, but without pre-planning or conscious involvement on Biden’s part. 🙄

Is Kamala Where She’s Supposed To Be?

One thing to consider and to take into account as one plans for the future is that Kamala Harris isn’t “missing;” she’s exactly where those who are running Biden’s administration want her to be, whether she likes it or is even cognizant of it at all.

Biden is a menace due to his mental incompetence and it would be natural for their administration’s handlers and overseers to distance Harris from him as much as possible and to place her in non-controversial roles that keep her well away from Creepy Uncle Joe and his blunders. That way, she would be less stained from the association when she was tapped to replace him as POTUS, either due to Biden’s stepping down, being removed via the 25th Amendment, dying, or just not running for a 2nd term in office, which seems the most likely to me, though that could change based upon Harris’ approval ratings.

Or, it could just be that Kamala Harris is an entitled, petulant, power-seeking abomination that the Democrats have quickly learned was a mistake and they’re keeping her away from Biden and the spotlight for that reason.

So, the first question is where’s Kamala, but the second has to be why is she there instead of where she was “planned” to be.

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Barrett Confirmed!

Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett as newest SCOTUS Justice
Amy Coney Barrett By Senate

The US Senate has confirms Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the SCOTUS. They did so in record time and, unsurprisingly in the extreme, without a single Democrat vote. This secures the safety and efficacy of the Supreme Court for decades to come.

To me, the most interesting and important part of this is that Barrett’s confirmation as a SCOTUS Justice is a critical event but is not truly news. Her confirmation and the timeliness of it were never in doubt. Nor was the total opposition to both by the Democrats, who were, are, and will continue to be seething over not being able to “Bork” her nomination.

Barrett’s confirmation is important to America’s future but that it happened and happened now is just another case of Republicans playing by the Democrats’ “rules” and beating them at their own game. It’s just another day in the death spiral of Congressional politics.

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The Good Ole’ Days

I'm beginning to miss the good ole' days when we were all going to die from climate change
I’m Beginning The Good Ole’ Days

ROFLMAO Actually, I don’t miss those particular ole’ days, mostly because I know that they’ll be back when President Trump is reelected. After all, the Democrats’ and their media will just add it back to their rotation. 😉

Of course, we could let this all go away. All the race riots, coronavirus panic, and Climate Change would all go away if we just let them install Biden as POTUS. All it would take is for Americans to look on and do nothing.

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They All Blame Trump

Career Democrats - Of Course They All Blame Trump
Of Course They All Blame Trump

While the rank and file among the Democrats is full of True Believers, Fellow Travelers, and Useful Idiots, the career Democrat politicians are something quite different. And, due to that fundamental difference, they blame President Trump for everything and anything, especially those things they, themselves, did or brought into being.

These sorts are career Democrats and they’re just doing their jobs as they seem them. Understand that they think, not completely wrongly, that their jobs are to stay in office. Anything they do in the course of that is important to them only in the context of that sole purpose.

Hence, since blaming President Trump and vilifying him seems to resonate with their constituencies, they consider doing that essential to their jobs.

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Trump’s Ham-Handed Policy

Trump's Ham-Handed Policy works better than 60+ years of nuance
President Trump’s Ham-Handed Foreign Policy

While Wolverton’s cartoon is just another of his Leftwing insults to our President, there is some accuracy to this particular imagery. President Trump’s foreign policy is bold, brash, and quite ham-handed in comparison to the status quo that came into being after the end of WW2.

But 60+ years of that status quo has achieved very little. Indeed, the only great strides made in the realm of geopolitics were the result of what were at the time declared be ham-handed actions and policies, e.g., President Reagan’s handling the USSR which helped in their resultant fall.

So, ham-handed? Certainly by what has become traditional standards. But President Trump’s foreign policy has already seen positive results despite best efforts of the Democrats and their propaganda corps.

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