Bain or Bane

Obama, his handlers, and his cultists have been attacking GOP Presidential Nominee, Mitt Romney over his time with Bain Capital. As is usual for the Left, they continue to attack Romney because he was a successful businessman, something that Obama has never been even close to being.

Romney vs. Obama - Bain or Bane
Bain or Bane – Choose Wisely In November

Americans have a choice in November. We can support Mitt Romney with his strong background in turning around failing businesses and saving what could be saved, or we can let the Liberals reinstall Obama to the Presidency and allow him to continue to drive America’s economy off a cliff.

It is our choice, not that of the Liberals, Progressives, or their minority tenants’ who will decide the immediate future of the United States of America. Will it be Bain or Bane?

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9 Responses to “Bain or Bane”

  1. cmblake6 Says:

    That last, small paragraph is the perfect statement. We must STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!!!!!

    Small edit. This entire post is perfection. Why did I try to select any one piece of it?

  2. jonolan Says:

    Perfection? No. I lack the force of eloquence for perfection. I thought it was pretty good though and thank you most heartily for the praise.

    You’re quite right. The last paragraph is the statement that I was making. All before it was just laying out the facts of the matter at hand.

    Each must ask the other, “We’ll you march in the van like a true American man?”

  3. IM Sirius Says:

    Newark Mayor Cory Booker, defending capitalism and being honest. Of course later he “walked back” his criticism. I guess Mayor Booker is more afraid of the DNC than he is a burning building.

  4. jonolan Says:

    IM Sirious,

    Please don’t embed videos in the comments by just adding the link. It’s messes up the blog’s display. Use the actual embed code instead and set the width to 475px or less. I like the videos, but need to avoid breaking the blog’s theme.

    But, back on point, the DNC and Obama’s handlers don’t like it when one of their boys goes off the plantation, not one little bit.

    Booker had to walk it back to the plantation or end up like Kunta Kinte.

  5. IM Sirius Says:

    When I used the embed code and saved it, it came up blank. I edited the entry, and the place where I’d entered the code was blank. So I tried just the url, and that seemed to work. Sorry for the extra work. I didn’t like it being so large, either.

    But, er, the video up there isn’t the one I posted?

  6. jonolan Says:

    Hmmm…I edited it in-line, the same as you would have, and it worked for me. I guess I’ll have to dive into the code and see why that is.

    Send the URL for the video again and I’ll see where I screwed up.

  7. Telling it the way it is Says:

    There is nothing here that I call profound in anyway? The fact you haven’t address a damn thing about the good and the bad about either candidate, the fact you turned your blog posting into some campaign posting you could have used on Twitter doesn’t impress me or make me vote either way.

    So from what I gather we should vote for Bain? And I love how it is completely one-sided with weak justification…another FOX NEWS FANS making snappy, quick blog posts to get hits…you sound like Sarah Palin giving baseless justifications and having no meat or substance!

    Not going to even reply to any of your rhetoric in the future; your BS fills the room with a stench coming from the greed of Romney’s used suit jacket worn after he fucked his fourth wife!

  8. jonolan Says:

    True, there’s nothing profound being put forth in this post. The choice between America and Obama and its supporters is quite prosaic, something right-thinking people do without the need for conscious thought or deliberation.

    Of course, America’s domestic enemies such as yourself, James also find this prosaic and also make their choices without the need for conscious thought or deliberation. You just make choices antithetical to those of Americans.

    Tell me, when you were an Intel Analyst, did you help Manning betray the country or did you operate independently? 😆

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