As signs of catestrophic anthropogenic global warming – or whatever the eco-Leftist are currently trying to re-brand it as – keep failing to appear and more and more actual science, as opposed to willful fraud, surfaces, it’s looking a lot like the Warmists are out of ideas of how to promulgate the doctrine and dogma of Al Gore’s doomsday cult.

Suggestions for AGW
Suggestions? …Bueller…Bueller?

At this point in history, having beggared credulity and staining the already tarnished reputation of what passes for science these days, I don’t even think “crowd sourcing” will help the Warmists. 😉

I’m quite happy to say the days of people lending credence to Cryptoclimatology are over. Their search for Hotfoot has turned up little or nothing that is believable.

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2 Responses to “Suggestions?”

  1. IM Sirius Says:

    Personally, I prefer the term “climate alarmist”.

    I admit I was one of the people who early on got suckered by this scam. It’s sad how many people still buy in to it, too. Most don’t know anything about the various “faked data” scandals. And the ever worthless corporate media doesn’t do much of a job of analyzing the various government plans to “battle” climate change. Even if you buy in to the shaky theory of human-caused climate change, there isn’t a single plan on the board to do anything to significantly stop or reduce it. The various carbon tax plans, even if every single one of them were put in to place, would put hardly a dent in the rise in temperature. It’s one of the biggest scams in the history of the world, and there are entire nations buying in to it right now. It’s so shameful.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Here’s the possibly funny – definitely ironic – thing: I actually believe in the likelihood of partial anthropogenic causation for climate change. I just don’t believe the claptrap about CO2 being the “culprit.”

    The Warmists decided to ignore all other possible man-made causes in favor of CO2 because only CO2 would make it a First World Only problem and let them push their real agenda, which was wealth redistribution to the Third World.

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