Sometimes The Bull Wins

Among the more disgusting and depraved parts of Spanish culture – more proof that all cultures were not created equal – is bullfighting, the systematic torturing to death of a bull by “men” in queer looking costumes for the entertainment and amusement of the crowds.

One of the current “luminaries” of this barbaric and disgusting form of entertainment is Julio Aparicio, who has taken many bulls’ ears – a quaint Spanish custom – during its career. Perhaps though one should say that this particular oily subhuman was one the “luminaries” of Spanish bullfighting; it came out on the losing end of a bull fight on May 22, 2010 during the Feria de San Isidor bullfighting event at the Plaza de Toros Las Ventas in Madrid, Spain.

Karma: Punishing Filthy Vermin Since The Dawn Of Time

The bull, a 1100lb beast named Opiparo, took Aparicio in the throat after the matador got clumsy and fell on his ass. Opiparo’s victorious strike pierced Apricio’s throat, went though its tongue and penetrated the roof of its mouth, fracturing the jawbone and cranium.

Julio Aparicio was rushed to the hospital where he is currently listed in critical condition but is sadly expected to survive.

Bravo, Opiparo! Ole! La próxima vez que matar a ese hijo de puta marica.

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6 Responses to “Sometimes The Bull Wins”

  1. Paradigm Says:

    On the bright side, most Spaniards are not into this crap, especially not younger people. And let’s also remember the animals tortured and ill-treated in the meat industry. It’s easy to forget the suffering that isn’t on public display like bullfighting.

  2. jonolan Says:

    True, the “sport” is slowly dying, Paradigm – far too slowly for my tastes though.

    As for the meat industry – I’ve been on cattle ranches and feed lots and I’ve been in slaughterhouses and the ill-treatment is vastly exaggerated. It in no way shape or form even comes close to either what various Leftists claims or the atrocity of bullfighting.

    That would be like comparing fishing to actions of the Wahhabi sect of Islam.

  3. zhann Says:

    That is awesome … I truly wish it happened more often.

  4. jonolan Says:

    You and me both, zhann.

    Bullfighting is a disgusting thing. If they want bloodsports, they should just put their “people” in the arena and let them carve each other to gobbets. At least the “people” would understand what was happening and have some choice in the matter.

  5. Paradigm Says:

    That may be the case in America but here the laws that are supposed to protect the animals are violated on an almost regular basis. Recently there was a film clip showing pigs eating pigs. Consumers hesitated a couple of weeks and then everything was back to normal – out of sight, out of mind.

  6. jonolan Says:

    Ahh…That’s messed up, Paradigm. I didn’t realize you had that sort of problem over there. After being told by you about it I can understand your previous comment a lot better.

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