My Spirit Animal Doesn't…

My Spirit Animal Doesn't...
My Spirit Animal Doesn’t…

My spirit animal doesn’t exist! Oh wait! Maybe I was wrong about that. 😆 It’s looks like there’s a spirit animal for everyone, even bloody-handed, old grognards like me. 😉

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How Long In Costume?

How Long
How Long?

Hehe… How long in costume? As long as it takes and at least until November 24th if you’re smart. 😆

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Yeah, It's Weird

Yeah, It's Weird - Bee Porn TMI
Yeah, It’s Weird – Bee Porn TMI

Yeah, I really, really, really don’t think Pornhub thought through how the bees might feel about either frank or erotic talk about their feeding habits. 😆

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Some Homegrown Bee Porn

Some Homegrown Bee Porn

Well, if even major online pornography outlets are going to hop on the Save The Bees bandwagon, I might as well add some homegrown bee porn to the mix. So, here’s some Emerald Orchid Bees (Euglossa dilemma) pollinating. 😛

Sorry though, no hypersexualized voice-over.

And, to carry through with things – if you wish, here’s a list of bee-focused charities that you can donate to.

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Beesexual - Save The Bees With Porn
Beesexual – Save The Bees With Porn

So, apisexuals? Melliferus pornography? Not quite. But, Pornhub has opened a new channel, Beesexual, to save the bees, specifically the many varieties of Apis mellifera. It’s the sweetest “porn” ever! 😆

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