Biden’s Brown Wave

Biden's Brown Wave
Biden’s Brown Wave

While it’s patently obvious that Creepy Uncle Joe is petty enough to flood our nation with the excrement of various shitholes across the world, I sincerely doubt that he’s coherent enough anymore to actually have a motive for his actions. The various creatures behind the scenes which are actually running the Executive, however, know what they’re doing.

It’s About Votes In 2024

Biden’s handlers know that doing anything less than encouraging a wholesale invasion of foreign detritus will alienate Liberal and Progressive voters… and a significant swath of the Latino voters, a demographic which has always been a “swing” one and who has been slowly but steadily shifting towards Republican for the last 20 years or so.

Also, the open borders strategy allows the Dems and their media to paint Americans as being horribly racist and, in cases like that in Texas, dangerously insurrectionist

It’s Part Of The Democrats’ Long Game

A brown wave out of the shitholes of the world and into our nation serves two key stratagems that are part of the Dems’ long game to fundamentally remake America into something unrecognizable. One and more immediately (2030 AD), all these invaders can be on the next US Census – hence, why Biden and Co. ship a lot of them to Blue States – and will help defray the population loss due to emigration these states are experiencing and keep them from losing more seats in the House of Representatives. And two, as the Dems have been pushing for a “pathway to citizenship” for these sorts, they’re hoping to flood our nation’s future with non-White Democrat voters.

Remember, ever since Lyndon B. Johnson the Democrats have equated non-White voters with Democrat voters. So, by both shoring up the growing loss of power in Blue States as American flee them and “ensuring” that the replacements our non-White, the Dems believe that their long game will either be victorious or maintain the status quo.

It’s An Evolution Of The Cloward–Piven Strategy

All the evidence points to the fact that Biden’s handlers’ the other actual controllers of the Democrat party have every intention of using the Brown Wave in an evolved, mutated, and suborned form of the Cloward-Piven Strategy. What they’re doing and seem to plan to do is essentially filtering Cloward-Piven through Rahm Emanuel’s rule for major crises: never let them go to waste.

It’s as simple as it is Machiavellian, evil, and anti-American. And, as such, it’s not a poor gambit to play to place Dems into power for the remaining at that point days of America.

The strategy is to overload the various support, safety net, and law enforcement systems in the states in order to force them to seek federal dollars to make ends meet. That, in turn, means two things: one, they’re Representatives and Senators will be forced to put forth and/or vote for any and all relief bills no matter what else is in those bills; and two, they will accept any strings attached to the funding, e.g., how it’s spent and/or upon what and who exactly.

This centralizes functional power at the federal level, eroding the power and semblance of independence under the 10th Amendment of the states. It also put recipient – mostly Blue – states at existential odds with the rest of the country, further allowing the Dems and their media to paint Americans as callous, hateful, and racist.

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Why Dems Want Open Borders

Why Dems Want Open Borders
Why Dems Want Open Borders

This is objectively factual. It’s not, however, completely accurate in it’s connotation and, hence, message. Congressional Democrats aren’t getting, or even really hoping to get, more seats in the US House of Representatives. All these immigrants they’re importing are back-fill positions to mitigate the ongoing exodus by US citizens from their zones of control, hence losing them seats in the House.

That’s right. Why the Dems want open borders, massive immigration, and sanctuaries in Blue States is not to gain more political power. It’s to stay politically relevant in Congress.

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Build The Wall Now?

Build The Wall Now?
Build The Wall Now?

Creepy Uncle Joe has ranted time and time again that there was no way he’d ever expand our nation’s southern border’s wall to decrease the ungodly amount of illegal aliens invading our country. But he just did exactly that. On Wednesday, October 7th, 2023, the Biden administration announced it would build an approximately 20-mile section of border wall in high-traffic crossing areas in Texas, This announcement that stood in stark contrast to then-candidate Joe Biden’s 2020 declaration that he would not build “another foot of wall” as POTUS.

Now, Biden himself claims that he had to do this whether he wants to or not, which he claims he didn’t, and that it will serve not purpose to do it, but that he has no choice in the matter.

The money was appropriated for the border wall. I tried to get them to reappropriate, to redirect that money. They didn’t. They wouldn’t. In the meantime, there’s nothing under the law other than they have to use the money for what it was appropriated for. I can’t stop that.

Joe Biden

But there’s two glaring problems with the dodderer’s demurrals: one, he had to waive – i.e., legally violate through fiat powers – 26 federal environmental laws to start the project; and, two, his administrations, even his Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, who’s always been staunchly on the side of the Hispanic invaders, defended the Biden administration’s wall building as being absolutely necessary to address an “acute and immediate need to construct physical barriers and roads in the vicinity of the border of the United States in order to prevent unlawful entries into the United States.”

So no, he didn’t have to build more walls. He could have just not used the appropriated tax monies, shielding his administration if legally necessary. After all, Democrats launched multiple federal lawsuits again President Trump in a failed attempt to use those very laws to prevent him from building the wall.

What has really happened is that Biden’s handlers, nannies, and nurses have been forced to realize – mostly from the screaming, desperate complaints from politicians and the citizenry in Deep Blue areas, e.g., New York and Massachusetts – that President Trump was right. But, of course, they can’t ever, ever, ever admit that.

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Import The Third World

Import The Third World, Become The Third World
Import The Third World
Become The Third World

This is the sad truth. If you import the Third World, your nation will become the Third World. We’ve seen it across Europe and we’re seeing it in America.

It’s simply what happens when you either allow millions of Third-Worlders to invade your country or bring them in wholesale as “refugees.” They don’t want to become part of America and they bring their many, many incompatible cultural norms with them with no plans whatsoever to change. And, worse for Americans, we don’t have refugee camps like Europe does, so these foreigners are dumped into our population, swamping our infrastructure and support services as well as putting our people in danger.

The above, however, does not mean I advocate eliminating all immigration, nor that I want immigration limited to only people from other First World nations. But I do believe we need higher bars on immigrants and that these immigrants must be required to be “Good Immigrants.” I believe that approaching all forms of immigration should be done via an “America First” ideal.

President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt summed up how American immigration should be handled in 1894 and nothing’s changed since then… because right and wrong and wise and foolish don’t change.

The mighty tide of immigration to our shores has brought in its train much of good and much of evil; and whether the good or the evil shall predominate depends mainly on whether these newcomers do or do not throw themselves heartily into our national life, cease to be Europeans, and become Americans like the rest of us. More than a third of the people of the Northern States are of foreign birth or parentage. An immense number of them have become completely Americanized, and these stand on exactly the same plane as the descendants of any Puritan, Cavalier, or Knickerbocker among us, and do their full and honorable share of the nation’s work. But where immigrants, or the sons of immigrants, do not heartily and in good faith throw in their lot with us, but cling to the speech, the customs, the ways of life, and the habits of thought of the Old World which they have left, they thereby harm both themselves and us. If they remain alien elements, unassimilated, and with interests separate from ours, they are mere obstructions to the current of our national life, and, moreover, can get no good from it themselves. In fact, though we ourselves also suffer from their perversity, it is they who really suffer most. It is an immense benefit to the European immigrant to change him into an American citizen.

It is urgently necessary to check and regulate our immigration, by much more drastic laws than now exist; and this should be done both to keep out laborers who tend to depress the labor market, and to keep out races which do not assimilate readily with our own, and unworthy individuals of all races – not only criminals, idiots, and paupers, but anarchists. From his own standpoint, it is beyond all question the wise thing for the immigrant to become thoroughly Americanized. Moreover, from our standpoint, we have a right to demand it. We freely extend the hand of welcome and of good-fellowship to every man, no matter what his creed or birthplace, who comes here honestly intent on becoming a good United States citizen like the rest of us; but we have a right, and it is our duty, to demand that he shall indeed become so and shall not confuse the issues with which we are struggling by introducing among us Old-World quarrels and prejudices. There are certain ideas which he must give up. For instance, he must learn that American life is incompatible with the existence of any form of anarchy.

— Theodore Roosevelt
True Americanism,” The Forum Magazine (April 1894)

I will point out though, that Roosevelt’s primary concerns were over the sloth and tendency towards outright anarchism of certain European immigrants, especially the Irish. Still, his beliefs hold true as the course of wisdom even – perhaps more so – when scope of immigrants extends to the whole of the world, with its many cultures, many of which are antithetical to America’s culture and social norms.

We don’t need immigrants that just bring their problems and problematical mores with them, and we shouldn’t tolerate their being here. We neither need nor should accept foreigners into our land who just want our money and not to become Americans themselves.

But, I also am not heartless; nor do I advocate completely heartless immigration reform. I do think that we need to set the bar much lower for women, especially women with children. The West in general, and America in particular is far better for them than most places they’d be coming from and I’m sanguine with turning them away as a normal course of action. Many of them are truly fleeing real atrocities and, while we have no duty to shelter them, doing so is a charity we can afford.

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What Illegals Bring Us

What Illegals Bring Us
What Illegals Bring Us Isn’t Anything Good

It’s quite true that illegal immigrants come to America with far more and far worse than the clothes on their backs. They invade our nation carry with them a plethora of diseases and parasites, putting our people – especially our elderly and our children – at risk.

And again, this is quite true despite our domestic enemies’ and their dutiful intelligentsia’s repeated claims to the contrary. Their refutations are nothing but claims that there has been to-date “no significant” impact upon American society from immigrant-borne diseases and parasites. But by what criteria does one judge significance? And, when has America ever had to deal with an invasion of illegals at the scale that we now face?

Our domestic enemies certainly have no consistent of objective answer to the question of significant impact. Just refer to how the scream about measles outbreaks and vilify the anti-vaxxers as some sort of apocalyptic plague bringers. And this is measles we’re talking about, not something far worse for either the victims or society as a whole.

Measles Mortality Risks:

  • 1:10,000 (0.01%) of measles cases are fatal
  • 3-3.5:10,000 (0.03–0.035%) of measles cases result in seizure
  • 1:20,000 (0.005%) of measles cases result in measles encephalitis
  • 1:80,000 (0.00125%) of cases result in permanent disability
  • 7:1,000 (0.7%) of cases are hospitalized

Yet they utterly ignore America’s most lethal and widespread disease, the common, ordinary, nameless Flu, which has an 18% mortality rate and claims the lives of 36,000 Americans annually, again mostly small children and the elderly.

Yeah, those sorts who will say anything to refute the clear and present dangers and health risks that illegals present to Americans have no measurable basis for their stance on the issue. Then, like with most things, our domestic enemies’ stance on this is based upon Identity Politics and hate, not statistics or other repeatable facts.

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