Biden’s Brown Wave

Biden's Brown Wave
Biden’s Brown Wave

While it’s patently obvious that Creepy Uncle Joe is petty enough to flood our nation with the excrement of various shitholes across the world, I sincerely doubt that he’s coherent enough anymore to actually have a motive for his actions. The various creatures behind the scenes which are actually running the Executive, however, know what they’re doing.

It’s About Votes In 2024

Biden’s handlers know that doing anything less than encouraging a wholesale invasion of foreign detritus will alienate Liberal and Progressive voters… and a significant swath of the Latino voters, a demographic which has always been a “swing” one and who has been slowly but steadily shifting towards Republican for the last 20 years or so.

Also, the open borders strategy allows the Dems and their media to paint Americans as being horribly racist and, in cases like that in Texas, dangerously insurrectionist

It’s Part Of The Democrats’ Long Game

A brown wave out of the shitholes of the world and into our nation serves two key stratagems that are part of the Dems’ long game to fundamentally remake America into something unrecognizable. One and more immediately (2030 AD), all these invaders can be on the next US Census – hence, why Biden and Co. ship a lot of them to Blue States – and will help defray the population loss due to emigration these states are experiencing and keep them from losing more seats in the House of Representatives. And two, as the Dems have been pushing for a “pathway to citizenship” for these sorts, they’re hoping to flood our nation’s future with non-White Democrat voters.

Remember, ever since Lyndon B. Johnson the Democrats have equated non-White voters with Democrat voters. So, by both shoring up the growing loss of power in Blue States as American flee them and “ensuring” that the replacements our non-White, the Dems believe that their long game will either be victorious or maintain the status quo.

It’s An Evolution Of The Cloward–Piven Strategy

All the evidence points to the fact that Biden’s handlers’ the other actual controllers of the Democrat party have every intention of using the Brown Wave in an evolved, mutated, and suborned form of the Cloward-Piven Strategy. What they’re doing and seem to plan to do is essentially filtering Cloward-Piven through Rahm Emanuel’s rule for major crises: never let them go to waste.

It’s as simple as it is Machiavellian, evil, and anti-American. And, as such, it’s not a poor gambit to play to place Dems into power for the remaining at that point days of America.

The strategy is to overload the various support, safety net, and law enforcement systems in the states in order to force them to seek federal dollars to make ends meet. That, in turn, means two things: one, they’re Representatives and Senators will be forced to put forth and/or vote for any and all relief bills no matter what else is in those bills; and two, they will accept any strings attached to the funding, e.g., how it’s spent and/or upon what and who exactly.

This centralizes functional power at the federal level, eroding the power and semblance of independence under the 10th Amendment of the states. It also put recipient – mostly Blue – states at existential odds with the rest of the country, further allowing the Dems and their media to paint Americans as callous, hateful, and racist.

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Biden's Immigration Stance

Biden's Immigration Stance
Biden’s Immigration Stance Then And Now

In many substantive ways this sums up Biden’s immigration stance. But, it should be remembered that Biden and Co.’s current stance – needing Republican help – is largely a lie for the sake of campaigning for the upcoming elections. At literally any point, they would have had GOP support if they just put forth a border security bill that didn’t have even more billions of dollars for Ukraine and other foreign adventures tied to it. Then, they’ve no real desire to secure our borders in the first place.

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Why Dems Want Open Borders

Why Dems Want Open Borders
Why Dems Want Open Borders

This is objectively factual. It’s not, however, completely accurate in it’s connotation and, hence, message. Congressional Democrats aren’t getting, or even really hoping to get, more seats in the US House of Representatives. All these immigrants they’re importing are back-fill positions to mitigate the ongoing exodus by US citizens from their zones of control, hence losing them seats in the House.

That’s right. Why the Dems want open borders, massive immigration, and sanctuaries in Blue States is not to gain more political power. It’s to stay politically relevant in Congress.

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American Greatness

American Greatness
American Greatness

It’s an interesting truth that America is so great that even those who hate it won’t leave, and even more that hate America voluntarily come here… whether we want them or not.

It’s also, however, and ironic truth that most of our domestic enemies can’t really leave America. The immigration policies of almost every nation that they’d be willing to emigrate to make it nearly impossible for them to do so.

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War, Treason, and Compassion

Their War & Biden's Treason
Their War & Biden’s Treason

Make no mistake about it. I fully consider the ongoing mass invasion of Central and South Americans into our country to be an act of war. And, the extortive list of monetary and political demands by the Mexican President to do anything to quell influx of invaders to equally and act of war. Similarly, I fully consider the Biden administrations dismantling of most of our nation’s protections at out southern border and their attacks upon state governments who stepped up to fill the gap to be acts of treason in every meaningful way except to particulars of that federal law.

But I Also Believe In Compassion

But, I also believe in compassion. As such, I fully endorse letting the women and children, especially the nubile women, into America. And, in their cases, I also fully endorse the stratagem put forth by some Democrat politicians to accept them into our homes. 😉

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