From The City To The Plaza

From The City To The Plaza
From The City To The Plaza

At a bare, barren minimum, every single foreigner within our borders who actively supports Hamas should be rounded up and deported. And yes, if we could arrange it, they should be deported to Gaza so that they can die there. As for any titular US citizens who are doing the same, they should be arrested under Title 18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason, because they have and are most certainly meet the legal standard of “adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States.”

And yes, Ladies, Gentlemen, and Democrats, I absolutely and wholeheartedly believe that the DOJ should perfectly make it clear when they do so that they’re seeking the death penalty for these vermin’s crimes.

Oh! And no, Ladies, Gentlemen, and Democrats, this would not in any way, shape, or fashion violate these filth’s 1st Amendment right right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Even if one ignores in the vermin’s favor the legal definition of peaceably, the 1st Amendment is not 100% absolute. A perfect and very pointed example being the German American Bund in the 1930s and 1940s. At first, when the US was not a declared enemy of the Third Reich, the Bund was allowed and even protected from reprisals by American citizens. However, at the end of 1941 when America official joined World War II, the government utterly shut them down, arrested their leaders, and even dissolved the US citizenship of their primary leader, Fritz Kuhn and deported him to Germany.

So please, from the city to the plaza, deport these filth to Gaza or consign their remains to landfills.

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Just Another College Student

Just Another College Student
Just Another College Student

Sadly, this isn’t newsworthy any longer. It’s just another college student on a campus – this particular one happens to at NYU in Manhattan – openly calling for the death of Jews. It’s not even particularly unusual or brazen for it be waving a sign indicating that Jews are trash to be disposed of. This is the current normal.

Understand that almost 2/3rds of college students believe that Hamas’ Oct 7th attack was genocidal, but just over half of them believe that it was justified. But, of course, just over half of college students are adamant that Israel is committing genocide and that there can be no justification for it.

This is what the colleges and universities, all committed to Leftist ideologies, have wrought. This is what they endorse. This is damn close to being what they demand, given how they attack any other position.

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Israel Protests

Israel Protests - Anti- vs. Pro-
Israel Protests – Anti vs. Pro

Protests involving Israel’s right to defend itself and its people from Muslim savagery vary greatly depending upon whether the protests are against Israel’s existence or for it. The differences are easy to spot.

Sadly, since the anti-Israel “protestors” mostly cause havoc in Democrat-controlled zones, they’re treated as is if they were as peaceful and proper as the pro-Israel demonstrations. It’s fast reaching the point when Americans will have to take matters into our own hands and exterminate these vermin root and branch in such a manner as to have a long-lasting “chilling effect” on such things as would support our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

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My View On Hamas Protestors

Remember, as Israel is still defending itself from the Muslims, the filth in America who support Hamas and Hezbollah aren’t done with their “Direct Actions” and “Civil Disruptions.” They’re just taking the normal Winter break from their terrorism. All it will take is either the media stirring them up or the return of more clement weather for them to be back on the attack. As such, here’s my preferred view of them:

Pro-Hamas Target
My View On Hamas Protestors

The above is my preferred view of them. And yes, my favorite of such views is any of their young females. It sends a stronger message to the vermin.

Sniper Roost
My Seat To Watch From

And this is my preferred point of view. Secure, anonymous, and comfortable. Also, and equally importantly, it’s removed from the point of contact. That allows me to maintain my own detachment from the act of bringing justice to these terrorists. Getting up close and personal would tempt me too much to give in to my own issues and have fun with it. 😉

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They're The Same Thing


Palestinian Flag & Klan Flag – They’re The Same Thing
(Click to Enlarge)

This is the simple truth: waving the Palestinian/Hamas flag and proudly chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is qualitatively no different from flying the banner of the Klu Klux Klan and chanting, “From sea to shining sea, America will be free.” Both are overt calls of racial and religious based genocide. Yet, only the latter would spark outrage in the Democrats.

And don’t, not even for a minute, lie to yourself and believe that these terrorist supporters, the Democrats, don’t know this. They gathered together in public spaces and celebrated Hamas’ attack as soon as they heard about it. Then, they rioted – and continue to riot and attack Jews worldwide – as soon as Israel responded. They know what they’re chanting. They know what they want. They are just like the KKK… except that they have a slightly different list of undesirables and are more prone to violence than the Klan ever managed to be in its 158 years of existence in one form or another.

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