All Valid Targets

All Valid Targets For "Direct Action"
All Valid Targets For “Direct Action”

That is the truth, despite what Democrats’ laws say to the contrary. Every single thing protesting Israel’s right to exist and the Jews’ within its border the right to life, along with the kith and kin of these vermin, are valid targets for what they euphemistically call “Direct Action.” They need to be ended by any means necessary and with whatever level of prejudice and creativity we, the People decide upon.

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It's About Protest Season

It's About Protest Season - Better Get The Chains On
It’s About Protest Season – Better Get The Chains On

Remember, Gentlemen, the weather is warming up; so, it’s just about protest season. Better get chains like these on your tires in order to deal with our domestic enemies when they get in your way by illegally blocking our roadways with their “civil disruptions” and “direct actions.”

And, I fairly sure that American car washes will either comp you or give you a big discount on getting your ride clean of their blood and viscera. πŸ˜‰


If you can’t tell – and I’m fairly sure there are a bunch of Dems and likely Dems that can’t – the above was sarcasm. I would never, ever suggest, advocate, or imply that Americans should mount this sort of anti-protest tire chains and run any of the vermin violently and illegally clogging our roadway in support of any of the anti-American groups or individuals out there, e.g., Hamas, #BlackLivesMatter, and/or various Trannies and Queers. It would tear up the roads and that’s both wrong and counterproductive!

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Israel Protests

Israel Protests - Anti- vs. Pro-
Israel Protests – Anti vs. Pro

Protests involving Israel’s right to defend itself and its people from Muslim savagery vary greatly depending upon whether the protests are against Israel’s existence or for it. The differences are easy to spot.

Sadly, since the anti-Israel “protestors” mostly cause havoc in Democrat-controlled zones, they’re treated as is if they were as peaceful and proper as the pro-Israel demonstrations. It’s fast reaching the point when Americans will have to take matters into our own hands and exterminate these vermin root and branch in such a manner as to have a long-lasting “chilling effect” on such things as would support our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

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Introducing The McFAFO

Introducing The McFAFO
Introducing The McFAFO

With the increase in pro-Hamas “civil disturbances” and “direct action” against McDonald’s, the company has begun issuing employees the McFAFO so that they may protect themselves from these domestic terrorists. πŸ˜‰

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Where Does It Say?

Where Does It Say This?
Where Does It Say This?

Where does it say this? Where does it say that America should accept into our nation’s borders foreigners who do not want to become Americans in any real manner and who actively and overtly hate our people, are culture, and everything we have always stood for?

I can’t find the relative passage anywhere… except in various screeds by Democrats. Of course, as they’ve been repeatedly proving in recent years, those same Democrats are themselves mostly hostile, free-loading, assholes, waving the flags of enemy nations and terrorists group, so they’re position is logically consistent.

One additional point for patriots, especially active and former military personnel, to remember: those hate-filled “refugees” that the Dems keep trying to import and their internal constituencies are those enemies, both foreign and domestic, that we swore to exterminate.

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