Godless Terrorism

This is what it should look likeAs each and every right-thinking, Gods-fearing American knows, our country is infested with the Godless. This, in and of itself, is not a huge problem. The problem is that they’re allowed to engage in acts of paper terrorism and lawfare in their war against America and the normative role of religion in American society.

The East Point Academy, a very small charter school in West Columbia, SC, has been forced to cancel it annual Christmas toy drive for disadvantaged children due to threat of paper terrorism from viciously and vehemently anti-Religious, Atheist organization.

They were delivered this ultimatum by these Godless terrorists:

This letter is written on behalf of the parent of a child attending East Point Academy who has alerted us to a serious constitutional violation occurring at the school. For the third year in a row, East Point Academy has affiliated itself with an evangelical Christian organization, “Samaritan’s Purse,” by promoting student participation in their program, “Operation Christmas Child.” Because the purpose and effect of Operation Christmas Child is to induce impoverished children to convert to Christianity, the school’s promotion of this program violates the Constitution. The school must immediately suspend its unconstitutional participation in Operation Christmas Child.

— Monica Miller, Esq.
William Burgess, Esq.
American Humanist Association

Sadly, the South Carolina cell of the mendaciously named American Humanist Association (AHA) picked their victim well. The school capitulated to their demands because they couldn’t afford to defend themselves and their students from the AHA’s attack.

We have a very small budget and very small legal budget. We felt that we could not risk using our school funding for classrooms and teachers to fight a court case.

— Principal Renee Mathews

Then, this is how terrorists act. They always seek to attack “soft targets” who cannot be reasonably expected to be able to defend themselves. Thus, with each easy victim that surrenders or is destroyed, the reach of their terror spreads, making it that much more likely that future victims will appease them.

And none of this is hyperbole. These filth from the AHA are terrorists. That they are not overtly and classically violent is a meaningless distinction. They seek to achieve their radical agenda through the use of force, in this case misusing the legal system, and that is terrorism. Indeed, one could argue that paper terrorism and lawfare are worse and more destructive than bombs.

What needs to happen is for we, the People to treat these Godless filth as the terrorists that they are. We need to realize that, not only will the law not deal with them, it will actually support them and we need to start acting accordingly to defend ourselves and eliminate the threat.

We need to adjust the balance of terror by and all means at our disposal and with the full understanding that there is no legal recourse. In this matter patriotism and morality must trump blind obedience to laws written to protect our enemies.


I will remind each and every American that warfare trumps lawfare; attorneys who take cases against Americans’ rights are valid targets; and that neither legal briefs nor judge’s robes will stop a well-aimed bullet.

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