A Dessert To Fear

Angelfood Cake - A Dessert To Fear
Angelfood Cake – A Dessert To Fear

The cake is not a lie! The cake is the Truth, the Light, and the Way. Be afraid, Mortal. Be afraid.

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Dems' Halloween Horror

Dems' Halloween Horror
Dems’ Halloween Horror

Hilarious, but the Dems would actually be far, far, far more horrified to find Christian messaging, much less a reference to an ontological debate, in their children’s trick-or-treat haul than finding mind altering or psychotropic drugs, actual toxins, or razor blades or needles in them. In point of fact, they’d declaim the former as a hate crime… and their government would back that up as would their media.

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Hellishly Funny

Hellishly Funny... To Me At Least
Hellishly Funny… To Me At Least

Sorry, not sorry! That’s hellishly funny to me. 😉

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Seems Disturbingly Right

Seems Disturbingly Right
Seems Disturbingly Right

In these times, an image of a rainbow-colored Baphometmost often, if not most historically accurately, considered a demonic entity – wishing queers and trannies a fabulous pride month, seems disturbingly right. It perfectly sums up their current attitudes, agenda, and general movement.

What was once a right-thinking movement to gain simple legal protections and to not feel shame – or to be shamed – just because of their sexuality mutated into a push to be prideful about it and to shame normal people for not being LGBTQ+ and/or not harming themselves for the sake of “equity” for the sexually non-normative… as anyone could have expected it would.

This led them to be the enemy of Christians in America, something that they embraced with disturbing, if expected, glee and devoutness. So, Rainbow Baphomet seems about right for them.

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Heaven's Backdoor

I Care Not For The Pearly Gates. I'll Go Through Heaven's Backdoor
Forget The Pearly Gates. I’ll Go Through Heaven’s Backdoor

As one of what are normally lumped together as Pagans – and a priest thereof to boot – and as a man who’s done many things that go directly against the words – and seemingly Word – of Christ that I will never repent for, there’s very, very, very little chance I’ll ever be passing through the Pearly Gates… well, not unless I’m part of- or leading an Infernal army of some sort. That’s OK with me. If the Christians – or Abrahamics in general – are right, I’m never passing through the gates into heaven.

Still doesn’t mean I’m not going to take the path less traveled and go in Heaven’s backdoor. 😆

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