Gotta Love Bikini Bottoms

You Gotta Love Bikini Bottoms

Really! You gotta love bikini bottoms too. Even if you’re an avowed breast man – or some variety of woman – failing to properly appreciate a barely bikini-clad ass is just wrong. You need to look at the whole picture. 😉

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Heaven's Backdoor

I Care Not For The Pearly Gates. I'll Go Through Heaven's Backdoor
Forget The Pearly Gates. I’ll Go Through Heaven’s Backdoor

As one of what are normally lumped together as Pagans – and a priest thereof to boot – and as a man who’s done many things that go directly against the words – and seemingly Word – of Christ that I will never repent for, there’s very, very, very little chance I’ll ever be passing through the Pearly Gates… well, not unless I’m part of- or leading an Infernal army of some sort. That’s OK with me. If the Christians – or Abrahamics in general – are right, I’m never passing through the gates into heaven.

Still doesn’t mean I’m not going to take the path less traveled and go in Heaven’s backdoor. 😆

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Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns
Best Traditional Easter Treat – Hot Cross Buns

The best Easter treat is hot cross buns provided by one of your loving women. Even better when it’s the culmination of a three-day passion play, starting with her mortification and crucifixion. 👿

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The Tao Of Pooh

The Tao Of Pooh - Pooh Knows What Makes The World Go 'round
The Tao Of Pooh

Pooh always possessed and presented a deep and profound wisdom when it came to the world. Sometimes this is more obvious than others. 😉

What Makes The World Go ‘Round

Yes, it’s quite true. Pooh knows the way of the world. One need only accept his kind wisdom in order to find a true path through life.

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Best New Years Gift

Best New Years Gift Is Oranges
Best Chinese New Years Gift

Oranges, the best Chinese New Years Gift to give someone. 😉 Of course, the display should be beautiful as well and tie into the meaning/predictions of the zodiac sign involved, in this case that would be the Rabbit.

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