Font Choice Is Important

Font Choice Is Important, As Is Kerning
Font Choice Is Important, As Is Kerning

This is just a simple PSA I’m sending out to all the product designers and marketing types out there. Font choice and kerning are important! Very, very important! 😆 Choose wisely and with your target demographic in mind.

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Nihon No Mausu

Nihon No Mausu

Mouse Computer Japan‘s (MCJ) is not only a producer of fairly high-end laptops, they’re marketing wonderkind. You just don’t get much in the way of television commercials like that – or that damn good – here in America. 😆

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The Best Veggie Burger

The Best Veggie Burger Ever!

Sadly, the above ad is fake. I would have adored it if it was an actual whimsical – or mocking if you’re of the flat-toothed dietary persuasion – but, alas and alack, neither the advertisement nor Crompton’s Beef Farm are real.

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Pepsi’s Just Response

Pepsi's Just Response
Be More White
Pepsi’s Just Response To Coca-Cola’s Oikophobic Racism

The perfect and perfectly just response Pepsi should have made to Coca-Cola’s “Be Less White” mandatory social justice/diversity training regimen.

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Perfect 2020 Romance

It’s The Perfect 2020 Romance

Satan and 2020, the perfect romance for this year, and possibly the only romance for this year since meeting people and getting close to them actually puts you at risk for “police interaction” in many areas.

Born In Hell, Consummated On Earth

But, on a lighter note, these ads are actually produced by! It’s somewhat heartening to see somebody putting the COVID-19 Panicdemic in some sort of perspective. 😉

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