Long Trans-Induced Morbity

Long Trans-Induced Morbidity
Long Trans-Induced Morbidity

The most recent data, from the week ending September 9th, showed Bud Light with an 8.9% share of the total US beer market, down from a far healthier 12% share immediately before the boycott began. And Bud Light’s sales have not shown any signs of recovering past 70% in both volume and dollar value – for while they couldn’t give it away – compared to before their ill-thought flirtation with Dylan Mulvaney and experimenting with transsexualism.

At that point, industry experts are of the opinion that Bud Light’s Long Trans-Induced Morbidity – like Long COVID, it was self-induced through improper social distancing 😉 – is permanent. Unlike most previous boycotts, Americans have this time largely turned their backs upon a brand and product and show no signs of returning.

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