Bud's Noticeable Problem

Bud's Noticeable Problem
Bud’s Noticeable Problem

Bud’s noticeable problem has arisen again. Not, in all honesty, that it makes that much of a difference in the scheme of things, since there’s no signs of Bud Light sales recovering from Heinerscheid and Mulvaney. They just can’t tuck this embarrassment away. 😉

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A Fine Irish Meal

A Fine Irish Meal
A Fine Irish Meal

ROFLMAO Yep! That’s pretty close to fine Irish Meal. But only close. Personal experience augmented by one of my wives’ personal and more recent lived experience indicates that it would 6 pints and 3 potatoes, cooked three separate ways as one of the courses. 😛

And yeah; this is funny. You know why? It’s because the Irish and those of us primarily of Irish descent aren’t a bunch of worthless, puling bitches, unlike other groups. We can and will laugh at ourselves.

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Bud Light's Trans Stupidity

Bud Light's Trans Stupidity - Dylan Mulvaney
Bud Light’s Trans Stupidity

Bud Light’s trans stupidity – or, more specifically, Alissa Heinerscheid, who chose Dylan Mulvaney, and Daniel Blake, who allowed her to do so – was an easily avoidable error. They didn’t need to endorse a tranny who’s persona was a sick, twisted, and anachronistic caricature of a woman. Nor did they have to pick a tranny who wanted “sleep overs” with young girls.

They had a plethora of other, better options – options that wouldn’t in all likelihood have permanently or semi-permanently crippled their sales.

Bud Light Had Many, Many Better Options

It only took me a couple of hours over the course of a couple of days of desultory – read as lackadaisical – effort on Tumblr to find these 27 better transgirl influencers. And, it only took that long due to a combination of: specifically looking for obviously trans girls; abiding by the no-nudity restrictions of my hosting provider; and meeting my self-assigned dimension requirements for image galleries.

Hellfire and Perdition! Heinerscheid could have chosen the truly hardcore option and dared people to complain.

Blaire White
Center-Right Republican, Blaire White
(Click to Enlarge)

Yeah, Heinerscheid could have decided to work with Blaire White, who has a far larger subscriber-base and far larger reach across multiple platforms. As White is a center-right, Republican who is openly trans, Heinerscheid could have essentially dared Bud Light drinkers to complain… though, in point of fact, few would have, as evidenced by White’s multi-million subscribers and resulting income.

But Heinerscheid instead chose Mulvaney and Blake let it do so, either with his approval or through his lack of oversight and management of the brand.

But, in Heinerscheid’s case, the mistake wasn’t what one might have expected, at least not in scale or lasting, damaging effect. She wanted to alienate large swaths of Bud Light’s drinkers. That’s why she chose Mulvaney. Her and her superior’s mistake was not anticipating how bad the backlash would be and thinking that the Left would jump on the brand and make up the expected difference. She was deliberately biting the hands that feed her in the hope of getting new groups to do so instead.

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Long Trans-Induced Morbity

Long Trans-Induced Morbidity
Long Trans-Induced Morbidity

The most recent data, from the week ending September 9th, showed Bud Light with an 8.9% share of the total US beer market, down from a far healthier 12% share immediately before the boycott began. And Bud Light’s sales have not shown any signs of recovering past 70% in both volume and dollar value – for while they couldn’t give it away – compared to before their ill-thought flirtation with Dylan Mulvaney and experimenting with transsexualism.

At that point, industry experts are of the opinion that Bud Light’s Long Trans-Induced Morbidity – like Long COVID, it was self-induced through improper social distancing 😉 – is permanent. Unlike most previous boycotts, Americans have this time largely turned their backs upon a brand and product and show no signs of returning.

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BTW It's Oktoberfest

BTW It’s Oktoberfest

No big deal I guess, but it’s Oktoberfest. Might be a good time to enjoy some fine beer and some finer Kellnerinnen. 😉

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