The Bene Gesserit

The Bene Gesserit
The Bene Gesserit

Yep. The Bene Gesserit as if they were a 21st Century company offering a suite of interlocking services and products – and Product As A Service. 😉

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Wrapping Up Dragon*Con

Wrapping Up Dragon*Con 2023

And so we – well, one of my wives and the crew she’s part of – wrap up another Dragon*Con. Honestly, while this is always a great achievement, I’m actually shocked at how well Dragon*Con respected itself after the panicdemic. So, since I started as I meant to finish, I’m finishing this with 54 more beautiful cosplay babes such as you might have seen at the con. Enjoy!

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Off To Dragon*Con

Off To Dragon*Con 2023

Another year and, hence, another Dragon*Con. Only one of my wives is working it this year though. But, in any event, enjoy the cosplay babes. They’re mine and a lot of the people’s favorite part of the con. 😉

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Adepta Princeps

princess-40k-1 princess-40k-2
princess-40k-3 princess-40k-4

Adepta Princeps
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I periodically post altered or altered context and/or genre Disney Princesses. This small set might be the most heretical to-date. Adeptus Princeps, or Disney Princesses as Warhammer 40K Space Marines might be pushing it a bit, but I love it – perhaps more than the Inquisition’s Ordo Hereticus might allow. 😉

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A Conventional Truth

Thus Is A Conventional Truth, Especially These Days
Thus Is A Conventional Truth

Yes, that is – and has been to some extent for decades – a conventional truth. At anime, comic, and sci-fi cons, boys will be girls. 😆

But, you what? I’ve never cared; nor have most of us who attend the cons. It’s always been for laughs – and attention, but all cosplay is for that. It’s along the lines of a costume party, not real cross-dressing or transsexualism.

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