A Conventional Truth

Thus Is A Conventional Truth, Especially These Days
Thus Is A Conventional Truth

Yes, that is – and has been to some extent for decades – a conventional truth. At anime, comic, and sci-fi cons, boys will be girls. 😆

But, you what? I’ve never cared; nor have most of us who attend the cons. It’s always been for laughs – and attention, but all cosplay is for that. It’s along the lines of a costume party, not real cross-dressing or transsexualism.

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A Risen Dragon

A Risen Dragon – Dragon Con That Is, And Only Sort Of

So, in something resembling defiance of the long haul panicdemic, Dragon Con has resumed this year and currently as of this writing in session. True, they’ve deliberately limited the number of attendees to only slightly above half their normal number, and certain favorite, public events have been left off the schedule, but the convention is happening.

So, in support of Dragon Con, here are some lovely cosplay babes, since they’re actually the favorite part of SciFi conventions like Dragon Con for many attendees. And, like the convention itself, posts like this are something of a tradition with me. 😉

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Consolation Prizes

Some Beautiful Consolation Prizes

Scifi/Fantasy conventions are, if not the most, then one of the most hard-hit of “industries” by the pandemic has been conventions. They essentially went out of existence in 2020 and many of them will take years to recover … if they recover and resume at all.

So, to add to the effects of the Concellation 2021 FB group – a group as ragtag, chaotic, and eclectic as any Con, Gods bless them – here’s a grouping of cosplay babes for our mutual enjoyment.

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Dems Are Barefaced Liars

Dems Are Barefaced Liars
Dems Are Barefaced Liars

Yeah, the Dems are barefaced liars, as Americans well know. As always, they’re liars and enemies of we, the People, and they’re ever so conspicuously barefaced during their Nation Convention.

Funny how their events and/or “gatherings” of their constituencies aren’t in the least subject to protective mask laws, social distancing laws, or mandatory lock-downs. But you sure as Hell better not try to go to church, have friends over, or open your business.

Funnier still how these same vermin are dead set against in-person voting for the upcoming 2020 elections. I mean really dead set if they actually believe in what they say. 😆

So They Protest In-Person Against Voting In-Person
So They Protest In-Person Against Voting In-Person

There sure does seem to be a disconnect here. Well, it would seem so if the Dems weren’t barefaced liars and if their “concern” over COVID-19 was actually based upon health instead of overthrowing the POTUS that Americans elected.

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It’s Dragon*Con 2017

It’s Dragon*Con 2017 – So, Cosplay Babes!

Well, it’s time once again for Dragon*Con! To celebrate that fact, here’s some beautiful cosplay babes for you to enjoy. This way, even if like myself, you can’t attend the conference, you can still enjoy it.

Oh, and a PSA for those who will be attending: Cosplay Is Not Consent.

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