Bitter Clingers In 2022

Bitter Clingers In 2022, Hanging On To COVID-19
Bitter Clingers In 2022

Remember when that jabbering Kenyan, Obama described half or more of Americans as bitterly clinging to our God and our guns? Well, that was then and this is now. And now, there’s a whole new breed of bitter clingers, ones who are truly deplorable in many, if not all, ways.

These days it’s the Left – specifically, the titularly White Millennials and Gen Zers – who are bitterly clinging to COVID-19 and the Democrat politicians resultant power grab and power trip.

They’re Clinging To Masks Like Safety Blankets

And boy, do they cling to their masks. Even with their own politicians reducing the requirement for mask wearing to suggestions in most places, the Leftists are still wearing them and still vilifying those who are “abiding by what the CDC and those politicians set forth.”

Those masks aren’t just virtual signalling anymore for those sorts. It’s now an identification badge and ingrained in their subculture.

But… As one can see above, that’s not all bad. There are times when one could just think of it as a kink and our new niqabis do look fine… well, what you can see of them. πŸ˜‰

They’re Clinging To Their Homes Like Hikikomori

And, even more so than their masks, they’re clinging to their homes like Japan’s Hikikomori. They do not want to leave their domicile. They certainly don’t want to go to an office and work like most people used to, though that might have more to do with their sense of entitlement and confusion about capitalism and their places within it than anything else. Like Climate Change and Equity – previously termed Equality – the pandemic may for the majority of them just be another excuse for moving forward with their agenda.

But… I like my new businesswear, and I for damn sure think any and all of the dress shirts I bought for wear to the office look a lot better and serve a higher purpose now than they ever did then. πŸ˜†


So, in a case of irony gone wild, we have a whole new crop and version of bitter clingers in 2022, and they bear very little resemblance to the 100s of millions of Americans Obama previously declaimed as being such. But, at least we can be thankful that they do carry with them some varieties of secondary and/or tangential benefits for us all.

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Meetings Today

COVID-19, the panic surrounding it, and the actions taken by those who’ve chosen to profit from it, have changed a great deal in America. One of the most changed areas of our lives has been work – if we’ve still got jobs to “go to” – and the meetings that have always seemed, to me at least, to be a disproportionate part of it.

Preparation For Meetings Today Is Different
Preparation For Meetings Today Is Different

Yeah – cats, dogs, small children, they all change how we work and have to prepare for meetings today. And really! The pleasant changes in businesswear don’t outweigh the issues they present.

Attending Meetings Today Is Quite Different
Attending Meetings Today Is Quite Different

πŸ˜† ROFLMAO πŸ˜† This! This just might be one of the unsung benefits of the pandemic turning most of us into shut-ins. I’m pretty sure I’m not in the minority, and certainly very far from the only one, who’s wished to be able to do that through most of their career.

Is Your Meeting Over? Mine Is
Is Your Meeting Over, Honey? Mine Is
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But… the Coronavirus is not an ill wind that blows nobody any good. With so many of us working from home, the advantages presented are obvious and many of us can better spend our time after and/or between meetings than we ever could at the office. πŸ˜‰

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Gifts From China

It has long been said that one should beware Greeks bearing gifts. And, it’s also true now that one should be at least somewhat suspicious of gifts from China. Yet, one must also not look a gift horse in the mouth. πŸ˜‰

Gifts From China

Yeah, the synergy between TikTok, China’s most broadly installed espionage tool, and COVID-19 aka The Wuhan Flu, encouraging attention-seeking, young women to make these home videos, we’ve been given plenty of gifts by China. And, while maintaining a needed level of risk awareness, we shouldn’t refuse them willy-nilly. After all, yΔ«n huΓ² dΓ© fΓΊ (因禍得福).

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So, We're At That Point

We're At This Point
So, We’re At That Point πŸ™„
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So, we’re at that point now; the point where women are just wearing longjohns – and, of course, their state-mandated mask – to the grocery store. Ah well; we’ve got to take the good with the bad, and it’s not surprising that we’re at this point, what with COVID-19 dragging on or being drug on by the media and certain politicians.

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Consolation Prizes

Some Beautiful Consolation Prizes

Scifi/Fantasy conventions are, if not the most, then one of the most hard-hit of “industries” by the pandemic has been conventions. They essentially went out of existence in 2020 and many of them will take years to recover … if they recover and resume at all.

So, to add to the effects of the Concellation 2021 FB group – a group as ragtag, chaotic, and eclectic as any Con, Gods bless them – here’s a grouping of cosplay babes for our mutual enjoyment.

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