Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

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Wrapping Up Dragon*Con

Wrapping Up Dragon*Con 2023

And so we – well, one of my wives and the crew she’s part of – wrap up another Dragon*Con. Honestly, while this is always a great achievement, I’m actually shocked at how well Dragon*Con respected itself after the panicdemic. So, since I started as I meant to finish, I’m finishing this with 54 more beautiful cosplay babes such as you might have seen at the con. Enjoy!

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Off To Dragon*Con

Off To Dragon*Con 2023

Another year and, hence, another Dragon*Con. Only one of my wives is working it this year though. But, in any event, enjoy the cosplay babes. They’re mine and a lot of the people’s favorite part of the con. 😉

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Fight Your Demons?

Fight Your Demons? Nah!
Fight Your Demons? Why Do That?

It’s such a common, trite, refrain; fight your demons. Personally, I don’t see much reason to fight them.

There’s Better Ways To Handle Your Demons 😉

Yeah no. I, for one, would much rather reach a mutually satisfying arrangement with my demons. I mean, aside from the obvious benefits of doing so, they’ve always been there for me, even when everyone else left.

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The Year Of The Rabbit

The Year Of The Rabbit
Its The Year Of The Rabbit

Today is the Asian Lunar New Year and the beginning of the Year Of The Rabbit.

So… Relax, Think Happy Thoughts, Get Lucky, And Make Some Babies?

Yes, in China and across most of Asia, this now the Year Of The Rabbit, specifically the Water Rabbit. It is considered the luckiest zodiac year, characterized by peaceful and patient energy, good luck, creativity, and fertility.

But, in Vietnam, It’s The Year Of The Cat

As I wrote though, it’s the Year Of The Rabbit across most of Asia. In Vietnam – possibly because of odd crossovers between the pronunciation of rabbit in Mandarin and the written form in Kmer; possibly because the Vietnamese have a longstanding and not unexpected bias against the Chinese – this is the start of the Year Of The Cat.

So, so as to both limit Chinese cultural tyranny and to make some inroads against my own personal anti-Vietnamese bias, here’s some fine cats as well. After all, 50 years is a bit long to hang on to that level of hate. 😉

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