Role Reversal – Harassment

According to this NY Post Article, Bronx River Nephro-Care employee Jose Carrion was fired after he filed sexual Harassment charges against his employer because his supervisor, Rose Medina made inappropriate sexual advances to him. Ms. Medina is alleged to have, despite Mr. Carrion’s objections:

  • Repeatedly bared her breasts to him
  • Tried to touch his genitals
  • Offered to uses kisses to help him quit smoking

According to court papers in May, Carrion said he gave 30 days’ notice of his resignation but was fired the following day by the Bronx River Nephro-Care’s medical director, who told him, “Company policy is that you get terminated for making sexual-harassment complaints.” Apparently any Bronx River Nephro-Care employee who files sexual harassment charges is immediately terminated. Isn’t that illegal?

What’s even more disturbing is the overall public reaction to Jose Carrion’s situation and suit. The majority of respondents to online articles about Rose Medina sexually harassing Mr. Carrion were quite disparaging to Mr. Carrion! Public opinion seems to hold to the idea that a man cannot be sexually harrased by a woman. Some of the “choicer” comments follow:

  • Either this guy is gay or she was brutal
  • Hmm, i wish my boss was like that
  • Well stop being so upset about it! Why is that a problem that a sexy older woman made you feel her cans? Stop crying like a little girl
  • Either the guy is gay or the boss is butt-ugly
  • Fag

Given the nature of public sentiment, I wonder if Mr. Carrion has much chance in court. More importantly, since role reversal situation like this, ones the upset the stereotypes tend to get more media attention. What will be the overall impact to Mr. Carrion’s life if he pursues the lawsuit?

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3 Responses to “Role Reversal – Harassment”

  1. Christy Says:

    The double standard is sick.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Hi Christy!

    Yes the standard is sick, but also pervasive. When I first heard of the story, I had the same sort of initial thought / reaction? How ugly was she? How ugly was he? What was his problem?

    My discomfort with my own initial reaction was actually what prompted me to make the post.

  3. Christy Says:

    Thanks for posting, jonolan and provoking self-examination.

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