Wrapping Up Dragon*Con

Wrapping Up Dragon*Con 2023

And so we – well, one of my wives and the crew she’s part of – wrap up another Dragon*Con. Honestly, while this is always a great achievement, I’m actually shocked at how well Dragon*Con respected itself after the panicdemic. So, since I started as I meant to finish, I’m finishing this with 54 more beautiful cosplay babes such as you might have seen at the con. Enjoy!

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Off To Dragon*Con

Off To Dragon*Con 2023

Another year and, hence, another Dragon*Con. Only one of my wives is working it this year though. But, in any event, enjoy the cosplay babes. They’re mine and a lot of the people’s favorite part of the con. 😉

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For Those At Home

With Dragon*Con being a hybrid convention these days – limited and restricted in-person attendance combined with a large a quite robust, all things being considered, virtual reach – here’s some beautiful ideas for those at home.

For Those At Home There Are More Clothing Choices

Yeah, just the clothing choices make it so that virtually attending Dragon*Con is A-OK. It might even be better in some ways than going in-person. 😉

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Dragon*Con 2022

DragonCon 2022 - Death Will Not Win
Dragon*Con 2022 – Death Will Not Win

So, it’s time for Dragon*Con 2022, which is almost a wonder in and of itself since the panicdemic crashed the entire sci fiction convention circuit. But this convention is still on, though one could call it almost in Dracolich form now, with attendance limited to less than half of what it used to, masking and social distancing being enforced, and much of it being virtual now.

Dragon*Con 2022 – Cosplay Lives!

Still, alive or undead, I tip my hat to the con’s organizers for all the hard work and heartache they’ve gone through to keep this convention in the world. And yes! This does mean that cosplay is still in the world, with the prurient wonders it brings to us.

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A Risen Dragon

A Risen Dragon – Dragon Con That Is, And Only Sort Of

So, in something resembling defiance of the long haul panicdemic, Dragon Con has resumed this year and currently as of this writing in session. True, they’ve deliberately limited the number of attendees to only slightly above half their normal number, and certain favorite, public events have been left off the schedule, but the convention is happening.

So, in support of Dragon Con, here are some lovely cosplay babes, since they’re actually the favorite part of SciFi conventions like Dragon Con for many attendees. And, like the convention itself, posts like this are something of a tradition with me. 😉

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