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Supporting Bi Girl Month

September is Bisexual Visibility Month… sort of, maybe, depends upon who you ask. I suppose that, more commonly, the third week of the month (Sep 16 – 23) is Bisexual Awareness Week aka #BiWeek. And, to some queers’ minds there’s just Bisexuality Day on every September 23. So, as the husband of two bisexual women, I’m going to celebrate the month of bisexuality by showcasing some nominally bisexual women enjoying each other. 😉

And, specifically I’m posting Bisexual women because: I’m a mostly straight man – as are the majority of this blog’s readers according to what demographic statistics I can garner; my wive are bisexual women; and it’s bisexual women who are most derided and disliked by large swaths of the LGBT cabals.

In a twisted point of fact, the one’s most likely to complain about to women kissing in public are the lesbians. They have a deep-seated problem with women of insufficient “lesbian cred” doing so. Then, lesbians have a long history of despising bisexual women too so their attitude and derision is, at least, consistent with their pathology.

— jonolan

Yeah, as I’ve posted before, while we straight men don’t mind them at all, lesbians do. This is a large part of why there’s a separate Bisexual Visibility Month. I don’t have enough solid data to say with confidence how gay men feel about bisexual men or women, but anecdotal evidence – and the simple fact that they’re men, queer or not – leads me to believe that they’re not the ones with a problem with bi girls – or by bi guys for that matter.

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