Got To Love Cyber Monday

You’ve Got To Love Cyber Monday

Yeah, as fine as a properly exercised Black Friday is, you’ve also got to love Cyber Monday. After all, there’s no crowd that you don’t want and you can shop from the comfort of your own bed. 😉

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The Gates Are Up

Geekdom – The Gates Are Up

Ladies and Gentlemen, the gates of geekdom are up – or is it down? – these days. Geekish pursuits are no longer taboo or a social deathknell. Anyone can participate in them and enjoy them.

And that is a fine improvement from back in my day. Back then, the geeks and nerds were highly insular, isolationist, exilic, and rather badgerish in their protection of their “safe spaces.” As most labeled me as part of the Jock camp, this was a constant source of awkwardness in my youth.

So, yeah. The gates to geekdom are up. Head on in and have fun. 😀

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Cyber Monday's Benefits

Cyber Monday 2022 Benefits

Once again it’s Cyber Monday, the tech industry’s and the online retailers’ response and/or counter to Black Friday. So too, once again it’s time for Reflections From A Murky Pond to showcase some fine geek girls – 45 of them this year. 😀

This year, however, along with presenting a much larger gallery of Cyber Monday geek girls, I’m going to wax a little sociological. Geek Girls are a great benefit to Western Society. Like Velmas in cosplay, they reject certain norms for both appropriate gender-based activities – which were never truly accurate – and beauty/fashion standards.

Also, the simple fact that there is a market for Geek Girls, both real and fabricated for film, shows a broadening of standards for men. This is especially true of the latter, fabricated or “professional” Geek Girls. It’s a fine thing that geeks/nerds/tech-heads are now considered a valid market segment for prurience/pornography and that the successful model for them is one with similar interests as opposed to just being “hot.”

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For Those At Home

With Dragon*Con being a hybrid convention these days – limited and restricted in-person attendance combined with a large a quite robust, all things being considered, virtual reach – here’s some beautiful ideas for those at home.

For Those At Home There Are More Clothing Choices

Yeah, just the clothing choices make it so that virtually attending Dragon*Con is A-OK. It might even be better in some ways than going in-person. 😉

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Dark Side Of The Moon

Dark Side Of The Moon

The Dark Side Of The Moon
A Different Interpretation

The Dark Side Of The Moon – Sailor Moon That Is

Sailor Moon, both manga and anime, aren’t even in the top 100 of my favorites, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy some excellent and beautiful Sailor Guardian cosplay. And, insofar as I’m concerned, bonus points for their being Black babes, who are a rarity in White-Accessible cosplay venues.

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