The Gates Are Up

Geekdom – The Gates Are Up

Ladies and Gentlemen, the gates of geekdom are up – or is it down? – these days. Geekish pursuits are no longer taboo or a social deathknell. Anyone can participate in them and enjoy them.

And that is a fine improvement from back in my day. Back then, the geeks and nerds were highly insular, isolationist, exilic, and rather badgerish in their protection of their “safe spaces.” As most labeled me as part of the Jock camp, this was a constant source of awkwardness in my youth.

So, yeah. The gates to geekdom are up. Head on in and have fun. 😀

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New Identity Politics

There’s always been issues with what the Liberals and Progressives call Intersectionality, especially as it impact Identity Politics. But, with the rise of the American people and the election of Donald Trump as POTUS, this has reached pathological proportions.

The New Identity Politics Requires Proper Flags
The New Identity Politics Requires Proper Flags

Now, much like the LGBTQ –or whatever the alphabet soup is supposed to be today – scene and the various street gangs, one has to properly flag, which can be a specific and advanced project, if one wishes to get past these Liberals’ and Progressives’ gatekeepers.

So yeah, some guy in a dress isn’t going to be allowed to identify as a womyn if (s)he’s wearing anything by Ivanka Trump.

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