Check Your Oppression!

Check Your Oppression!
Check Your Oppression!

Yes! At last you can, and probably should, check your oppression by checking your Intersectionality Score. And, of course, we all need this sort of help in these “intersectional times,” lest we become paralyzed by not knowing where we sit in the hierarchy of oppression.

After all, without this sort of tech aid, how can one know what one is “allowed” to have and/or voice an opinion upon, much less what that opinion is demanded to be?

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New Identity Politics

There’s always been issues with what the Liberals and Progressives call Intersectionality, especially as it impact Identity Politics. But, with the rise of the American people and the election of Donald Trump as POTUS, this has reached pathological proportions.

The New Identity Politics Requires Proper Flags
The New Identity Politics Requires Proper Flags

Now, much like the LGBTQ –or whatever the alphabet soup is supposed to be today – scene and the various street gangs, one has to properly flag, which can be a specific and advanced project, if one wishes to get past these Liberals’ and Progressives’ gatekeepers.

So yeah, some guy in a dress isn’t going to be allowed to identify as a womyn if (s)he’s wearing anything by Ivanka Trump.

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Choose Wisely

Choose WiselyChoose Wisely Because You Can Choose Only One

Yes, sadly more and more it becoming true that a boy must choose between growing into a man and growing into a Liberal. The Liberals’ and Progressives intersectionality with the toxic wave of Millennial Feminists and the queer and tranny activists makes it a binary toggle, and either-or (XOR) proposition.

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Hysterical Paralysis

Liberal BSOD resulting in hysterical paralysis
Liberal Hysterical Paralysis

ROFLMAO – Yep! If a gorilla shot an alligator with an AR-15 to save a Muslim child while their transgender parent was in the bathroom it would “break the internet.” Not, mind you, because of the amount and intensity of the traffic, which is what is normally meant by that meme but due to utter, shocked, and panicked silence that would ensue as the Liberal and Progressive SJWs went into hysterical paralysis due to their not knowing who or what to side with.

The intersectional conflict that this would generate within the so-called minds of these ever-puling domestic enemies of America would almost instantly reach critical mass as they strove and failed to reach a consensus fantasy of the “proper” hierarchy of “oppression,” privilege, and protection.

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Intersectional Conflict

Intersectionality is a big thing to many interest groups seeking special privileges and protections. It is most important to the modern Feminists, which is unsurprising since the modern interpretation of this sociopolitical shibboleth was concocted by Kimberlé Crenshaw, Black Feminist.


Function: noun

Date: 1989


  1. The interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, disability, sexuality, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage
  2. A term used in feminist discourse to mean “I may drag all my issues into every discussion”
  3. A means by which special interest agendists can attempt to broaden the power base.
  4. A way for White agendists to claim oppression without feeling like their detracting from the oppression they’ve assigned to Blacks.
  5. A methodology of making any issue too complex to be resolved, thus keeping academic theorists in a job

Of course, while very important to these groups, intersectionality does cause them both internal and external conflict. This results in the inevitable rounds of Whitesplaining, Bourgesplaining, and other types of -Splaining to avoid the label of racism or racial insensitivity.

Hands Up! Don’t Shoot The Free Nipple?

See the issue above? The intersectionality of the idiotic Free The Nipple pseudo-movement of the Feminists and the lie-based meme of Hands Up, Don’t Shoot of Blacks, is bound to cause conflict within those respective groups of self-professed victims. 😉

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