Hysterical Paralysis

Liberal BSOD resulting in hysterical paralysis
Liberal Hysterical Paralysis

ROFLMAO – Yep! If a gorilla shot an alligator with an AR-15 to save a Muslim child while their transgender parent was in the bathroom it would “break the internet.” Not, mind you, because of the amount and intensity of the traffic, which is what is normally meant by that meme but due to utter, shocked, and panicked silence that would ensue as the Liberal and Progressive SJWs went into hysterical paralysis due to their not knowing who or what to side with.

The intersectional conflict that this would generate within the so-called minds of these ever-puling domestic enemies of America would almost instantly reach critical mass as they strove and failed to reach a consensus fantasy of the “proper” hierarchy of “oppression,” privilege, and protection.

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Yes, The Blacks Steal

It’s politically incorrect to talk about Blacks and theft in the same sentence…unless one is talking about Whites having stole something from the Blacks. However, I’m White and therefor racist, so there’s nothing for me to lose by discussing the fact that the Blacks steal.

I’m not talking about mugging, burglary, armed robbery, or any other form of material-based larceny, though it’s true that the Blacks commit those crimes disproportionately often. No, I’m talking about the Blacks propensity for stealing victimhood and grievance.

Blacks Stealing Victimhood, Angst, and Anger

Sadly for all involved, this sort of appropriation of other people’s woes, is a core part of the pathology of the “Black Community’s” communal psychosis.

Blacks have a extremely hard time disassociating themselves from other Blacks that have had a bad experience. Most cannot do so if they feel that race played a part in that experience or its outcome. In all truth and despite repetitive claims that Blacks aren’t monolithic, the Blacks do not, when there’s any feeling of victimization, operate as individuals. Blacks will identify with other Blacks, seeing them as models or archetypes, not as individuals. Then they compulsively internalize that Black’s pain, angst, or outrage – valid or not – into their collective identity.

This is why whenever a Black is considered to have been wronged somewhere in America riots and protests break out in Black communities across the country. It’s an unfortunate result of the “Black Community’s” communal psychosis.

Nor is the Blacks’ pathology limited to the modern day; it encompasses and subsumes their history as well. Rare is the Black who can look in the mirror and not see an African, many whose ancestors were brought here against their will. Rare is Black who can move beyond the truth that they the descendants of slaves. No, that centuries-old pain – pain that was inflicted on others long, long, long in the grave – is the centerpiece of their collective identity and that pain and fear, stolen from history, percolates deep inside them and they are largely powerless to repress it.

So yes, the Blacks steal and it’s exactly this specific sort of theft that prevents them from success.

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