Gaaaaa! [Kavanaugh]!

Feminazi Shrieking over Kavanaugh
Gaaaaa! [Kavanaugh]!

President Trump has selected outgoing Justice Kennedy’s replacement. Hence, Brett Kavanaugh will soon become the newest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. This, of course has the Left up in arms and screaming and crying in the streets…again.

Frankly, what is most interesting about this is the same thing that caused me to put Kavanaugh’s name in crotchets (Square Braces) as if it were a variable of some sort. Our domestic enemies didn’t even wait to find out who our President was nominating before starting their tantrums. Indeed, some were quite sloppy about it. 😉

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The Times We Live In

The Times We Live In When Normal Is Wrong
The Times We Live In, When Normal Is Wrong

We, most assuredly sadly, live in an age where all that is not male, not White, and/or not heterosexual is held up as greatness and in which anything male, White, and/or heterosexual is decried as abhorrent or, at the very least, utterly unworthy of praise or recognition due to that very maleness, Whiteness, and/or heterosexuality.

And do be aware and assured that our domestic enemies whole issue with normal people is that they are still the majority and still exemplars of- and adherents to the long-standing, dominant culture in and of America.

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Why We Had #Gamergate

Why We Had #Gamergate

Why did we have and have to suffer through #Gamergate? Or rather, why did it blow up into some strange, malformed beast?

Simply put, it was because the womyn who consider themselves Feminists did what they always do. They saw things and heard things as they always do, through the filters of their twisted agenda. They took reality and the normal, if vile and obnoxious, behavior of gamers towards each other as personal and/or gender attacks.

Really! In my rarely humble opinion, the three panel cartoon depicted above sums it up quite well.

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