Desis Are Beautiful

Desis Are Beautiful
Desis Are Beautiful

Let me be clear. Desis are beautiful women. The babes of the Indian subcontinent and some of the surrounding regions are truly delightful to behold (and hold too 😉 )

But, Desi babes aren’t just beautiful in and of themselves. They’re beautiful, if currently under-recognized, occurrence for the wold as a whole because they prove the issue of most of the rest of the world’s cultures’ beauty standards.

All of them fine women in this post are prominent models and actresses in India and the surrounding areas that make up Bollywood’s market. But, unlike many areas, these women, essentially making a fine living at least partially due to their looks, are not all of the same mold and do seem to have to starve themselves for that success. Also, some of them are quite older than is the norm for sex symbols in other countries.

Yeah, a longer career time and getting to have a far healthier body while being acclaimed as being the most eye-pleasing that they’re people have to offer is exactly the sort of true beauty that Desis bring to the table.

NOTE: Bollywood and India in general aren’t without their beauty issues. They, like many Eastern peoples, do have an unhealthy desire to be gori (light-skinned), and many of their women do feel the need to use dangerous skin-lightening chemicals to achieve this look.

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