Give Them Reason For Thanks

With Thanksgiving right around the corner – in America at least – I’d like to point out to my fellow White men that, for the sake of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we really should give those women of color something to be thankful for – specifically some “golden children.” 😉

Give Them Reason For Thanks - Orthocegenate

Orthocegenation Is Right

Orthocegenation is right, just, and the best way to raise up the marginalized people by sharing our supposed privilege. No woman of color should have to bear non-White children.

Give Them Reason For Thanks

Yes, gentlemen, give them reasons for thanks. Give these beautiful women and the children you’ll give them a way out and way up by helping close the Generational Wealth Gap in the best way possible. 😉

It’s the right, White thing. It’s the just thing. And, take this as coming from the voice of experience – it is no burden at all. Privilege is best shared and that sharing brings it own rewards and pleasures.

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Bikini Interlude 73

Bikini Interlude – A Desi Edition

This is just another Bikini Interlude. This one focusing on the beautiful bikini babes of Asia Minor. It seems to me to be a shame that so many of us in the West simply forget that there’s a lot of beaches there and that Desi babes look so fine in their bikinis.

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Westernized vs Traditional

Westernized vs Traditional
(Pashchimeekrt vs Paramparaagat)

Westernized vs Traditional
(Pashchimeekrt vs Paramparaagat)

As I said before, the women of Asia Minor – especially the Indian subcontinent – are quite beautiful and a, for we Westerners, great choice for dating and marriage. But, it does raise the question: Western (Pashchimeekrt) or Traditional (Paramparaagat) dress? Which do you prefer?

Westernized (Pashchimeekrt)

Simply put, Desi women look good in Western clothes. The beauty standards they grew up in make them fill out Western clothes very well. And, given that most of them that we’d run into are NRI’s, this is how we’re going find the majority of them dressed anyway.

In point of sad fact, many of the younger generations of Desi babes in the West don’t even know how to properly wear a sari – as my wives found out to their surprise when they were held up as examples to some younger Indian girls.

Traditional (Paramparaagat)

But then we have the traditional clothes of their origin – and the quasi-traditional choli. And I defy any hetero man – and the majority of women – to say that Desi women don’t look absolutely gorgeous in their “native” garb. Sariswith or without cholis, lehengas, and dupattas; they’re all delightful.


This, of course, presents us in the West who want or even prefer Desi women as our mates a bit of a conundrum. Pashchimeekrt or Paramparaagat? Fortunately, this hard choice is, by and large, a false choice. There are times and places for both Western and Traditional dress.

Indeed, the only issue I and my wives have found is that the majority of Paramparaagat women’s clothes available in the West are very ornate and meant for very formal occasions. There’s a dearth of casual, business casual, and semi-formal options available.

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Desis Are Beautiful

Desis Are Beautiful
Desis Are Beautiful

Let me be clear. Desis are beautiful women. The babes of the Indian subcontinent and some of the surrounding regions are truly delightful to behold (and hold too 😉 )

But, Desi babes aren’t just beautiful in and of themselves. They’re beautiful, if currently under-recognized, occurrence for the wold as a whole because they prove the issue of most of the rest of the world’s cultures’ beauty standards.

All of them fine women in this post are prominent models and actresses in India and the surrounding areas that make up Bollywood’s market. But, unlike many areas, these women, essentially making a fine living at least partially due to their looks, are not all of the same mold and do seem to have to starve themselves for that success. Also, some of them are quite older than is the norm for sex symbols in other countries.

Yeah, a longer career time and getting to have a far healthier body while being acclaimed as being the most eye-pleasing that they’re people have to offer is exactly the sort of true beauty that Desis bring to the table.

NOTE: Bollywood and India in general aren’t without their beauty issues. They, like many Eastern peoples, do have an unhealthy desire to be gori (light-skinned), and many of their women do feel the need to use dangerous skin-lightening chemicals to achieve this look.

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Bikini Interlude 67

Bikini Interlude – A Desikini Edition

Straight outta Goa, Gokarna, Tarkarli, Kaup,Tharangambadi? Or gracing the sands of some other beaches? It really doesn’t matter. Desi girls in bikinis – hence, Desikini – make a beautiful and spicy interlude.

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