Reproductive Duties

Gentlemen, Remember Your Reproductive Duties

With the CDC’s report that American fertility and reproductive rates have fallen to record-lows and, at a Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of 1.76 we’re dangerously below the 2.1 TFR needed to maintain population levels, this is potentially catastrophic for our nation’s and people’s future.

So, Gentlemen – especially my fellow White men – we need to get busy fulfilling our reproductive duties. Hence, this post goes beyond the appreciation of the female form and prurience – though, as we all know, prurience is no oddity in Reflections From A Murky Pond – and is meant as both inspiration and a call to action.

America needs babies! So, gentlemen, we need to get out there and make some… a lot of them. Do it for you country!

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Form And Function

Shark Brain & Woman's Reproductive System
Shark’s Brain Compared To Woman’s Reproductive System

Does function follow form or does form follow function? Either way, much is explained at long last. 😆

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Selection Criteria

All creatures in the Gods’ world have their own selection criteria when choosing a mate. We humans may, over the span of the last century, have largely separated sex from reproduction in the course of our daily lives but, in our instinct-driven hind-brains, we’re all still small, hairy, primates seeking to reproduce and propagate our species.

When we’re “sizing up” a potential sexual partner we’re all, at least subconsciously, applying our reproductive selection criteria to the subjects of those potential liaisons.

Gender-based Reproductive Selection Criteria
Men & Women’s Sexual Selection Criteria

Of course the selection criteria that is applied is gender-based and quite different between men and women. 😉

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