Curing The Disease

Curing The Disease Will Take Harsh Measures Because The Dems Are A Virulent Plague Upon Our Nation
Curing The Disease Will Take Harsh Measures

COVID-19 or, if you prefer, Coronavirus is not nearly as damaging of a plague as the Congressional Democrats and their voters are. While our President has done his best – and just about as best as any POTUS could – to lead our Nation and People through this largely but not entirely Lamestream Media created crisis, the Dems have been focused on two things: Destroying President Trump, and extending the economic damage they and their media have caused.

Curing the disease is going to take harsher measures than most will find comfortable. And those measures will need to be comprehensive, ground-up actions. If we truly want a great, healthy America, we’re going to have to remove the disease from within the body of our nation.

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