Obama’s Shameful Hissy

Crybaby Obama - That's all he is; a petulent little boy crying because it's not fair that he's judged by his character and actions.America’s Narcissist-in-Chief, Obama the Boy Blunder,  just another shameful, jabbering hissy fit in the White House Rose Garden. The boy got all wound up and petulant over the Senate blocking the “wonderful” expanded background check bill that is seen as a needed precursor for any further steps towards federal confiscation of Americans’ arms.  Obama just couldn’t help getting pissy over yet another of his pet projects being gutted by either the Legislature or the Judiciary.

He also made a brief tirade against the vast majority of Americans who are disgusted by his use of victims and victims’ families as props and/or human shields in his quest to curtail and infringe upon the Second Amendment.

Of course Obama’s against Americans with firearms. He’s afraid that he and his family won’t make to a plane heading to Mauritania before an American exterminates them. 😆

It’s a stupid fear because Americans aren’t quite ready to rise up and take our country back, but Obama is a stupid child poorly playacting act being a man.

Understand that Obama had his little fit because the expanded background check bill, not a truly hideous thing in and of itself, was and is seen as a bellwether for further disarmament measures. Since it’s been blocked by a filibuster and support for it is waning, there’s now no hope seen for Obama’s desire to largely or wholly disarm the citizenry.

On the bright side, no day that starts with Obama jabbering, raving, and whining in a fit of petulance can be all bad.

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